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Page Up and Page Down keys not working in browser


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The Page Up and Page Down keys in my Linux nightly 2002-08-28-08 aren't working.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Start the browser.
2. Load a long page (f.e.
3. Click in the page to make sure it's focused.
4. Press the Page Down key.

Expected Results: The browser scrolls down a page.
Actual Results: Nothing happens.

Additional Information:

The same thing happens in other windows (f.e. the JavaScript console), so it
isn't specific to the browser window.  Scrolling up and down via the mouse, the
the arrow keys, and the Home and End keys works fine, so the problem seems to be
limited to the Page Up and Page Down keys.
Bug 165244 may be a dupe of this, although that problem is on Mac, isn't
immediate (the problem apparently appears some time after starting the browser),
and affects the cursor keys as well.
I'm wondering if you got accessibility.browsewithcaret turned on by accident. Is
there a caret blinking in your browser content? F7 is the key to toggle that on
and off.

Do arrow keys work to scroll the page?
WFM - 2002082804 trunk / XP.
When I press F7, it asks me if I want to turn Caret Browsing on.  If I say yes,
no caret appears, the Page Up and Page Down keys still don't work, and the arrow
keys stop working.  If I press F7 again, the arrows keys start working again,
but the Page Up and Page Down keys don't.
Keywords: mozilla1.2
It looks like the fix for bug 4302 (problems with Page Up and Page Down in
Composer) is responsible for this regression.  The keys work fine on builds
before the fix for that bug landed (f.e. 2002-08-28-21).
Mike, I think this is yours.
Assignee: aaronl → mjudge
Keywords: nsbeta1
More info:

- Myk and I tried to create a fresh profile, but the problem still occured.
- Page Up/Dn did work when Myk was in Composer (just not in the browser)
Summary: Page Up and Page Down keys not working → Page Up and Page Down keys not working in browser
this works for me on windows. I dont even know where to begin. I think this is a 
dup of that mac bug.  I dont know why this is happening but Kathy seemed to have 
a handle on it.  does her fix fix this also?
well I notice that control-end and control-begin are not working in composer 
now. I investigated and I believe someone on layout has rearranged the scroll 
views again.  After getting the root scrollable view and getting its client data 
I am not able to find the BlockFrame properly.  I will have to talk to someone 
on layout about this.
raising severity, sorry.  This makes it very difficult to actually use any
webpage longer than a page (eg any bug in bugzilla).
Severity: normal → major
Mike, maybe it would be easiest if someone expieriencing the bug let you debug
on their system. Maybe bz can show you?
Kathy's keybinding fix does not fix this.
Keywords: pp, regression
This affects Windows too. I'm seeing it in an optimized build from this evening
on win2K. We cannot ship 1.2alpha with such basic functionality broken. 
Blocks: 1.2a
OS: Linux → All
Someone else screwed up here.  my tree after I checked in worked. now that I 
just updated I am no longer even getting the message to scroll the page up or 
down.  This is not even getting to the nsPresShell::ScrollPage method. someone 
hoarked events or keybindings in the last day.  I wouldnt even know where to 
start debugging this.  The code that was checked in for 4302 modified 
nsPresShell::PageMove heavily.`
OK.  5 minutes of investigation shows that the responsible checkins are these:

What happened was:

1)  bindings were added to the various platformHTMLBindings.xml 
2)  bindings were removed from htmlBindings.xml

reverting change #2 fixes the pgup/pgdown problem.  I'm not sure why.  All the
platformHTMLBindings files have handlers for the VK_PAGE_UP keys... the
difference is that the platform bindings bind those keys to cmd_movePage* while
htmlBindings bound them to cmd_scrollPage*
Aha!  brade's checkin removed the VK_PAGE_* keys from the browserBase binding
and editorBase binding... They are defined on the editor (and textAreas) binding
in platformHTMLBindings.xml, but _not_ on the browser binding.

I'd suggest just reinstating the browserBase bindings in htmlBindings.xml
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