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[macOS] Increase/Decrease buttons are different in Print Preview


(Toolkit :: Printing, defect, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox82 --- wontfix
firefox83 --- wontfix
firefox84 --- fix-optional


(Reporter: vlucaci, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug, Regression)


(Keywords: regression, Whiteboard: [print2020] [old-ui-] )


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Attached image buttons.JPG

Affected versions

  • 83.0a1(2020-10-12)
  • 82.0a(20201012131351)

Affected platforms

  • macOS 10.14

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch FF.
  2. Ctrl+P
  3. Copies or Scale increase/decrease buttons.

Expected result

  • Buttons are aligned and share the same color and size.

Actual result

  • Buttons are not aligned and they do not share the same color and size.

Suggested Severity

  • Seeing as how this issue occurs only on macOS platform and it only concerns a very small button, I would S4 this issue.

Regression range

cc the authors from the regression range.

Severity: -- → S4
Flags: needinfo?(mstriemer)
Flags: needinfo?(jkew)

Given that regression range, it must be a result of bug 1659184.

Flags: needinfo?(jkew)
Regressed by: 1659184

I can reproduce this in my Ubuntu VM as well. It seems to depend on the width of the window.

Component: Printing: Setup → Printing
Flags: needinfo?(mstriemer)
Priority: -- → P3
Product: Core → Toolkit
Whiteboard: [print2020_v83] [old-ui-] → [print2020_v84][old-ui-]
Has Regression Range: --- → yes
Has STR: --- → yes
Whiteboard: [print2020_v84][old-ui-] → [print2020_v85] [old-ui-]

This is likely cross-platform and related to UI scaling

OS: macOS → All
See Also: → 1678982

(Moving bugs to 86, part 1.)

Whiteboard: [print2020_v85] [old-ui-] → [print2020_v86][old-ui-]

Moving things to 88, cause we're mostly on Proton these days…

Whiteboard: [print2020_v86][old-ui-] → [print2020_v88] [old-ui-]
Whiteboard: [print2020_v88] [old-ui-] → [print2020] [old-ui-]
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