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Scrollbar on bugzilla page becomes almost invisible on Windowsx64+ Intel with "widget.disable-native-theme-for-content = true"


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Use nightly on Windowsx64+ Intel

Set widget.disable-native-theme-for-content = true


ER: Scrollbar is visible
AR: Scrollbar becomes invisible

2020-10-15T19:22:10.756000: DEBUG : Found commit message:
Bug 1669368 - Use LookAndFeelCache to pass Gtk theme-derived scrollbar colors to content processes. r=spohl

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Regressed by: 1669368
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Summary: Scrollbar on bugzilla page becomes almost invisible → Scrollbar on bugzilla page becomes almost invisible on Windowsx64+ Intel with "widget.disable-native-theme-for-content = true"

Gnome Xwayland, Debian Testing
Scrollbar thumb is invisible until hovered.

Edit: Breeze theme. (Gnome with Plasma-style window buttons.)

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Darkspirit, what Gtk theme are you using on Linux?

Definitely there wasn't an intention to change the colors that were being used on Windows, though.

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(Thanks you answered in an edit.)

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(I answered only seconds before you asked. Sorry :D)
I must have seen this article:
Download, extract it to ~/.themes (example path: ~/.themes/gnome-breeze-master/, select it with Gnome Tweak Tool.

I have a patch for the problem on Windows, but I can't reproduce the issue with the Breeze theme.

Attached image screen shot

This is what Firefox looks like for me when I use the Breeze theme (not the dark one), when the scrollbar isn't hovered over.

Attached image screen shot (hovering)

And hovered over the thumb. The colors do match what I see in other applications (e.g. gedit), though we are drawing them with an Adwaita-like shape rather than what the Breeze theme itself uses.

Darkspirit, I see that the theme has different variants for a few different Gtk versions, and some of them use images. Although I would've thought that Debian testing had a new enough Gtk to end up with the gtk-3.20 version of the theme, which uses only solid colors.

Bug 1671304 should detect themes with images that we can't handle, and fall back to using some pre-defined colors.

Otherwise on Windows, we have a ColorID::Scrollbar but not any of the other scrollbar part
colors, and the Windows-provided value for Scrollbar doesn't work well
with the default values for the other scrollbar parts that come from the
non-native theme.

Pushed by
Use separate Scrollbar and ThemedScrollbar ColorIDs. r=spohl
Closed: 3 years ago
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