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Thunderbird macOS-aarch64 support


(Thunderbird :: Build Config, task)


(thunderbird_esr78 wontfix, thunderbird86 wontfix)

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Cross-compile support landed in mozilla-central in bug 1678154.

Depends on: 1681066

This keeps macOS configs in line with Firefox.

Assignee: nobody → rob

Downloads the macOS 11 SDK from the (private) taskcluster artifact that's
built for Firefox. It's then stored as a private toolchain artifact under
the project/comm namespace so that Thunderbird build jobs can access it with
the scopes they already have.

Depends on D99188

There is no l10n configuration for these as the distributed build will be
a unified DMG containing both x86_64 and aarch64 binaries and a single copy
of non-binary resources.

Depends on D99189

Depends on D99190

It builds, but it's untested as I don't have hardware.

At the moment, libotr.dylib is grabbing the x86_64 binary so OTR functionality will obviously not work. librnp did build as it's more integrated into the build system.

There needs to be a followup to rename the existing macosx64-shippable build to macosx64-x64-shippable and then a new build job named macosx64-shippable is needed to combine the two builds into a single Universal binary.

Tried it on a Macbook Air with M1 processor. When I try to start it says at startup that I have no access rights. Starting through terminal it says: permission denied.
It's not a signing problem as I can set it to start anyway like for other treeherder builds.

I got the try builds to run via fake signing:
sudo codesign --deep --force --sign - Thunderbird\

The - is for ad hoc signature suitable for this type of testing. Real builds will obviously be properly signed and such.

Attachment #9192123 - Attachment description: Bug 1678775 - Add mozconfig files for macos-aarch64 builds. r=justdave → Bug 1678775 - Add mozconfig files for macosx64-aarch64 builds. r=justdave
Attachment #9192124 - Attachment description: Bug 1678775 - macOS-aarch64-shippable build job. r=justdave → Bug 1678775 - macosx64-aarch64-shippable build job. r=justdave
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Update macosx mozconfigs with a common-opt include file. r=justdave support for macosx64-aarch64. r=justdave
Add mozconfig files for macosx64-aarch64 builds. r=justdave
macosx64-aarch64-shippable build job. r=justdave
Convert macOS shippable build to Universal binary. r=justdave

Closed: 9 months ago
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Blocks: 1690056
Blocks: 1690118
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Backed out changeset f3d6b7ba3951 for breaking macOS builds.

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Convert macOS shippable build to Universal binary. r=justdave

Closed: 9 months ago9 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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