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Update pdf.js to version 2.7.345


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, task)

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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1676745 +++

#12613 Trigger cleanup, once rendering has finished, in PDFThumbnailView.draw
#12616 Improve the cleanup functionality for thumbnails
#12618 Ensure that rendering of thumbnails work correctly on HiDPI displays (issue 9820)
#12621 Follow-up for #12585: set elements class in render instead of in _createQuadrilaterals
#12622 Some hasJSActions, and general annotation-code, related cleanup in the viewer and API
#12624 Update packages and translations
#12569 JS -- Fix events dispatchment and add tests
#12625 Add a new preference, viewerCssTheme, to allow forcing the use of the light/dark viewer CSS themes (issue 12290)
#12630 Reduce, now unnecessary, asynchronicity in the BasePreferences constructor
#12636 Add an AppOptions.setAll method, and use it in PDFViewerApplication._readPreferences
#12567 [api-minor] JS -- hidden annotations must be built in case a script show them
#12604 JS -- Add a sandbox based on quickjs
#12642 [api-minor] Add "contentLength" to the information returned by the getMetadata method
#12645 Convert the method to be async
#12647 Update Puppeteer to version 5.5.0
#12656 Bump highlight.js from 9.13.1 to 9.18.5
#12655 Parenthesis in names are not escaped when saving
#12662 Check the top-level /Pages dictionary when finding the trailer in XRef.indexObjects (issue 12402)
#12652 Add a README about quickjs-eval.js file (build and license)
#12665 Update packages and translations
#12666 Use the same SVG images, in the default viewer, regardless of the CSS theme
#12673 Split underline, strikeout, squiggly annotions div into multiple divs
#12631 JS -- Implement app object
#12679 Fix the treeitem-expanded/treeitem-collapsed images in dark-mode (PR 12666 follow-up)
#12681 Update the link for the "pr8808" test-case (issue 12680)
#12682 [Generic viewer] Re-factor how the notFound appearance is set on the "findInput" in the PDFFindBar
#12685 Fix issue #12684: replace bitwise ORs by ORs
#12693 [Regression] Prevent the built pdf.scripting.js/pdf.sandbox.js files from accidentally including most of the main-thread code (PR 12631 follow-up)
#12695 Various clean-up and improvements related to pdf.sandbox.js building, and the related default-viewer functionality
#12696 Fix non-standard quadpoints orders for annotations
#12634 JS -- Add aform functions

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Update pdf.js to version 2.7.345. r=calixte
Closed: 3 years ago
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Looking at this patch, both in Phabricator and what actually landed in mozilla-central, there appears to be some changes missing:

:bdahl For the next PDF.js update, can you please make sure that these changes are included; thank you!

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Flags: needinfo?(bdahl)
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