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The option to delete data from a domain is undesigned.


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Firefox 87



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(Reporter: striptm, Assigned: emilio)




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In devstools -> Storage
By right clicking on a domain to delete the data. There are no design options to "Delete..."

Thank you for the report.

Note that you can right click on an entry in the table (a cookie in your case) and pick Delete from the context menu.
Does that help?


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The operation is correct, in this case delete all cookies.
The bug is that the options "Delete... " options have a transparent background.
It happens in all storages, local, session...

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Ah, I didn't see it at the original screenshot.

What OS and Firefox version are you using?

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Firefox Nightly in Ubuntu 87.0a1 (2021-02-08) (64-bit)

Tested on a fresh copy and new profile.
And also tested on my usual profile with Firefox in Spanish.

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Thank you for the update Fernando!

This doesn't look like DevTools issue, I am moving the report to Core::Graphics


Component: Storage Inspector → Graphics
Product: DevTools → Core

I am seeing the same bug with Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:87.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/87.0 ID:20210210215051

How do context menus look elsewhere in Firefox -- do they display correctly e.g. if you right-click within a web page? Is it just the lack of background that's an issue here, or is the text styling of the menu items also wrong? (Hard to tell from the screenshots here, as I don't know what a "correct" popup menu would look like on that system.)

Although the exact behavior is a bit different, this reminds me of bug 1691952, where context menu rendering was also broken. Possibly a related underlying cause?

Attached image Bug_1691428.png

This is is same context menu, not broken in 85.

(In reply to Pascal Chevrel:pascalc from comment #8)

Created attachment 9202566 [details]

This is is same context menu, not broken in 85.

And when you open the broken version in Nightly, are the menuitems much closer together, like they seem to be in the reporter's screenshots? If so, I think that would suggest a general failure to apply styling, rather than a graphics rendering issue resulting in transparency. (It's possible your theme is different from the reporters, though, and that could also explain the different spacing.)

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I see exactly the same thing as Fernando, I am looking for the regression window now.

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49:58.76 INFO: Last good revision: d6481478a8e01366fb3af2e0788aa6666429d5f1
49:58.76 INFO: First bad revision: d9e5a018312eccf63acbda32759d90e2f92175d7
49:58.76 INFO: Pushlog:

Regressed by Bug 1689359

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Regressed by: 1689359
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I'm going to close bug 1627961 as duplicate of this bug here since Emilio has assigned himself to this bug, but note that this appears to be cross-platform (or, at least, affecting Linux and macOS). Markus also mentioned in bug 1627961 comment 20 that:

Something similar happens with the context menu in the sidebar of the Storage panel. Hovering over context menu items does not show a blue background.

OS: Linux → All

The background change matches Windows / Mac, and common sense too.

The customoptionstyling change is because that comment is just false,
although custom select is not enabled on Linux (though maybe it could
after this patch, will look into it separately).

Finally, give some padding to unthemed menuitems. GTK overrides this
padding with the theme one, but this allows having a sane default.

This is the padding I get with Adwaita, which is the default GTK theme.

I agree with these patches, but can we also make it so that the non-native theme isn't used in this context? Anywhere where we can have XUL menupopups we should also have the native theme.

Blocks: 1692306

Ok, I'll look into that in a separate bug (just filed bug 1692306 for this), though it's kinda unfortunate because for the most part devtools looks better with the non-native theme enabled :-)

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Stop claiming we support the Menuitem widgets in nsNativeBasicTheme.cpp. r=mstange
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Fix styling of unthemed menupopups and menuitems in Linux. r=dao
Closed: 3 years ago
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Regressed by: 1693129
No longer regressed by: 1693129
Regressions: 1693129

Verified in Ubuntu Firefox 87.0a1 (2021-02-16) (64-bit)

QA Whiteboard: [qa-87b-p2]
Regressions: 1751545
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