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Implement basic support for log.entryAdded


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For the demo at the end of M1 we only need the basic support for this events means handling of just string messages. Anything else will be done at a later point and tracked via the meta bug 1719287.

Summary: Implement log.entryAdded → Implement basic support for log.entryAdded
Depends on: 1694144
Assignee: nobody → jdescottes
Blocks: 1724669

When using the BiDiSession class we need the event loop to live at
least as long as a specific connection, but not necessarily as long as
the BiDISession object itself. Therefore we move the loop parameter
into the start() method, to associate a loop with a specific connection.

In addition, in the tests we make the event loop a global so that it
lives as long as a session; the fixture is updated to reuse the
existing loop where possible. This has the tradeoff that we're more
likely to share a loop between tests, so there is some additional
hidden shared state.

Attachment #9239917 - Attachment description: Bug 1694143 - Ensure that asyncio event loop outlives webdriver connection, → Bug 1694143 - [remote] Ensure that asyncio event loop outlives webdriver connection
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[remote] Add log module and support log.entryAdded event r=webdriver-reviewers,whimboo
[remote] Return remove_listener function from wdspec bidi client BiDiSession::add_event_listener r=webdriver-reviewers,whimboo
[remote] Ensure that asyncio event loop outlives webdriver connection r=webdriver-reviewers,whimboo
[remote] Add wdspec tests for log.entryAdded r=webdriver-reviewers,whimboo
Created web-platform-tests PR for changes under testing/web-platform/tests
Whiteboard: [bidi-m1-mvp] → [bidi-m1-mvp], [wptsync upstream]
Upstream PR merged by jgraham
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