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Dragging tabs and hovering does not work after some time with wayland backend enabled


(Core :: Widget: Gtk, defect, P3)

Firefox 87





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Steps to reproduce:

Open firefox with some tabs (like 15 or more), the more the better. I have a lot of youtube tabs and some webpages llike computerbase open. Drag one tab out to create a new window with the tab. Now open tabs in that new window. Now just browse for some minutes and close all tabs in the newly created window. After some time hovering will not work as expected and it is impossible to drag out a tab into a new window like done before. A restart of the browser fixes the issue temporarily till it occures again.

System Information:

Distribution: Fedora 33
Desktop: Gnome 3.38.4
Session: Wayland
Firefox Version: 87
Package: Flatpak and rpm Package from Distribution
Kernel Version: 5.11.8
Graphics Drivers: Mesa 20.3.4

Actual results:

Hovering an the webpage and the bookmarks bar does not work anymore. When hovering bookmark folders, they don't open anymore. You have to click them manually. It is also not possible to drag a tab out of the window to create a new window with the dragged tab. It just does not work anymore.

Expected results:

The dragging out of tabs in a window works all the time and hovering should not be broken.

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Component: Untriaged → Widget: Gtk
Product: Firefox → Core

I'm surprised it's still broken as it should be fixed by Bug 1635757 in Firefox 87.

Blocks: wayland
Priority: -- → P3

I am currently watching this bug report with the issue occurring. Are there any logs I can provide?

(In reply to Martin Stránský [:stransky] from comment #2)

I'm surprised it's still broken as it should be fixed by Bug 1635757 in Firefox 87.

Actually this sounds more like bug 1622107. That one was fixed in 88.

I actually have the same problem here :\

Distribution: Manjaro
Desktop: Gnome 3.40
Session: Wayland
Firefox Version: 87.0-1
Package: Package from Distribution
Kernel Version: 5.11.11-1
Graphics Drivers: Mesa 21.0.1-1

Can you please try latest nightly? Fix at Bug 1703490 may help here.

Okay, I will try out nightly and report. I use the build from the 2021-04-12.

This issue seems to be fixed in Nightly, but there are other issues I have found. I will report them sepaartely.

I have to correct myself. The hovering seems to work, but ordering tabs by drag and drop still is kinda broken. Sometimes a tab cannot be ordered by dragging it but it can only be moved into a new window. After reattaching the tab, tab ordering works again for a while. After some time it breaks again.

I have tested again with Firefox 88 and all seems to work fine on my end. This can be closed.

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