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MSIX packaging


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(Depends on 4 open bugs)


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Alias: project-tikka
No longer blocks: 1710908
Depends on: 1710908
Group: partner-confidential
Summary: Project Tikka → MSIX packaging

A note about how we propose to handle l10n for these MSIX packages. We're not intending to distribute 100 MSIX packages. We intend to distribute one MSIX package that contains 100 langpacks, just like we do for snap/flatpak. We intend to only produce Release MSIXes (although we're likely to have also do Beta for testing) so that we can a) depend on the langpacks and b) have the multi-locale settings enabled.

We are aware that this is not ideal, since there are parts of the browser not covered by langpacks, but these parts are small and require different types of work to address.

Depends on: 1720884
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