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Update pdf.js to version 2.9.273


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, task)

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90 Branch
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firefox90 --- fixed


(Reporter: bdahl, Assigned: bdahl)


(Blocks 1 open bug, Regressed 2 open bugs)



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#13314 For mozcentral use Firefox color theme instead of system theme.
#13310 Don't try to insert a structTree in a removed page (PR 13171 follow-up)
#13257 [api-minor] Fix the way to chunk the strings
#13303 Add an abstract base-class, which all the various Stream implementations inherit from
#13322 Update packages and translations
#13320 Add a new BaseStream.getString(...) method to replace manual bytesToString(BaseStream.getBytes(...)) calls
#13321 Enable the no-var linting rule in src/core/{crypto,function}.js
#13324 Fix highlighting of search results when the textLayer contains br-elements (PR 13257 follow-up, issue 13323)
#13319 JS -- add support for page property in field
#13274 [JS] Fix several issues found in pdf in #13269
#13333 [web/debugger.js] Enable the ESLint no-var rule
#13337 [Regression] Move the super-call in the PredictorStream-constructor to prevent errors (PR 13303)
#13340 Fix integration test in the windows bot
#13339 Remove unnecessary closure in src/display/text_layer.js, and use standard classes
#13327 Split the functionality in src/core/fonts.js into multiple files, and use standard classes
#13349 Bump lodash from 4.17.19 to 4.17.21
#13341 Remove unnecessary closure in the src/core/font_renderer.js file
#13352 Bump hosted-git-info from 2.6.0 to 2.8.9
#13338 Convert the src/core/{jbig2, jpg, jpx}.js files to use standard classes
#13344 Enable the no-var rule in the src/core/evaluator.js file
#13350 Add option enableXfa to the viewer
#13347 Take the W array into account when computing the hash, in PartialEvaluator.preEvaluateFont, for composite fonts (issue 13343)
#13354 Export the "raw" toUnicode-data from PartialEvaluator.preEvaluateFont
#13355 Fix some integration tests
#13357 Remove the disableCanvasToImageConversion functionality from PDFThumbnailView (PR 7029 follow-up)
#13358 [api-minor] Remove the WebGL implementation
#13364 Clean-up usage of the TESTING-define in src/pdf.sandbox.js
#13363 Prevent LGTM from complaining about useless assignments (PR 12562 follow-up)
#13368 Fix the Jbig2Image export for the gulp image_decoders build (PR 9729 follow-up, issue 13367)
#13360 Only include the renderer-preference in builds where SVGGraphics is defined
#13366 Convert the remaining functions in src/core/primitives.js to use standard classes
#13361 Fix several issues with radial/axial shadings and tiling patterns.
#13371 Revert "Fix the remaining no-var failures, which couldn't be handled automatically, in the src/core/evaluator.js file" (PR 13344 follow-up)
#13369 Fix tiling pattern with smask.

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Update pdf.js to version 2.9.273 r=calixte
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 90 Branch
Regressions: 1720411
Regressions: 1721218
Regressions: 1721949
Regressions: 1722571
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