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Implement auto-expanding <details>


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(Keywords: parity-chrome, parity-safari)

In this HTML spec PR, we are making <details> automatically expand for element fragments and find-in-page:
This way, the user can effectively use find-in-page to search for content hidden inside <details> elements without having to manually expand all of them first.
In order to make it performant, the spec PR also suggests using content-visibility:hidden inside <details>'s user agent shadowdom instead of "removing the slot from the rendering" when <details> are closed.

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Thank you for opening this enhancement. I will set this as New and waiting for the developers opinion about it.

Thanks for your input.

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Not sure whether this belongs in Find Toolbar or Core, but auto-expanding when the find toolbar is used sounds like more of the former...

Component: Address Bar → Find Toolbar
Product: Firefox → Toolkit

FYI: This is now shipping in Chrome.
From Chrome 97 announcement at

"Auto-expand Details Elements

Closed details elements are now searchable and can now be linked to. These hidden elements will also automatically expand when find-in-page, ScrollToTextFragment, and element fragment navigation are used."

Component: Find Toolbar → Find Backend
Product: Toolkit → Core
Depends on: 1789166
Duplicate of this bug: 1828281

Currently works in both Chrome and Edge

For EDA log files that are 180K lines long, using <summary>/<details> to hide information is important. Yet when our build summary report (similar to a JUnit test report) shows that a test failed, we need to be able to quickly go to the log information for that test failure. Putting the link inside of the <details> allows us to jump to the appropriate place and provide the detailed information.

Duplicate of this bug: 1767180
Duplicate of this bug: 1314048

Expandable on search <details> are recommended from the standpoint of accessibility

Keywords: parity-chrome
Keywords: parity-safari
Duplicate of this bug: 1881552
Duplicate of this bug: 1883316
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