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Replace existing new tab variables with a more limited set


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94.1 - Sep 6 - Sept 19
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This is the follow-up bug to bug 1727317. We should replace the hundreds of existing new tab variables with the limited set of colors defined in that bug. For example, say we define two box-shadow variables in bug 1727317, one for small elements and another for big elements. In this bug, we should audit the dozens of box-shadows currently in use and replace them with either the big-element box-shadow or the small-element box-shadow.

Whiteboard: [fidefe-theme]
Assignee: nobody → achurchwell
Iteration: --- → 94.1 - Sep 6 - Sept 19

While this is mainly a refactoring patch, a few visible effects are expected:

  • Proton Primary teal is now used correctly in dark mode. I confirmed with UX that we want this.
  • Various minor elements now may use slightly different colors than before. Things like hover states and borders are now functions of the main colors on the page rather than their own hardcoded colors. While one might be able to spot differences in a side-by-side comparison, the general idea is to capture the same "feeling".

Depends on D125606

Blocks: 1713778
See Also: → 1704156
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Assign set of colors from bug 1727317 to the existing new tab CSS variables. r=Mardak
Part 2 - Remove intermediary variables in _theme.scss. r=Mardak
Part 3 - Remove unused hardcoded colors in _variables.scss. r=Mardak
Assignee: achurchwell → htwyford

This issue was part of the work done on QA-1182 request. Considering this I am marking it as Verified.

Regressions: 1733574
Regressions: 1734674
Regressions: 1739420
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