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Follow-up of bug 1711274: Missing fluent translations and other porting issues


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(thunderbird_esr78 unaffected, thunderbird_esr91 wontfix)

94 Branch
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thunderbird_esr78 --- unaffected
thunderbird_esr91 --- wontfix


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Bug 1711274 ported extensionControlled.js from mozilla-central into comm-central, but it has a few problems:

  • It contains dictionary objects (, but I think only the proxy.settings entry is actually used. The unused entries should be removed. If there is only one used entry, some of the methods that use these dictionaries could be made specific to this setting, which would make the code less convoluted.
  • initListenersForPrefChange is defined but unused. It should be removed.
  • We are missing fluent entries for at least extension-controlled-proxy-config and extension-controlled-enable.
  • We are missing the image source "chrome://browser/skin/menu.svg".
  • showEnableExtensionMessage uses xul elements in a semantically incorrect way (e.g., a xul:image is used as a close button, and a xul:label is used to display a message). We should probably change this to html as well. Note: this is inherited from mozilla-central.
  • There are html:img elements with no alt attribute, or some accessible name. Note: this is also inherited from mozilla-central.
Blocks: 1683865

(In reply to Henry Wilkes [:henry] from comment #0)

  • We are missing the image source "chrome://browser/skin/menu.svg".

We can use "chrome://messenger/skin/icons/appbutton.svg" instead.

Assignee: nobody → henry

This affects v91?

Flags: needinfo?(henry)

(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) from comment #2)

This affects v91?

I think so. Bug 1711274 caused this, and it has a target milestone of 91. I'm not sure what the proper way to check is, but the changes are part of 91 Beta, e.g.

Flags: needinfo?(henry)
Blocks: tb91found

We were missing lots of fluent ids that the previous code would have needed.

We only have extension control for proxy.settings, so this was simplified.

Target Milestone: --- → 94 Branch

Pushed by
Simplify extensionControlled and add missing fluent translation. r=mkmelin

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Introduces new strings, so can't fix for 91.

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