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onBeforeSend does not lock compose window completely


(Thunderbird :: Message Compose Window, defect)

Thunderbird 91


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The event messenger.compose.onBeforeSend() does not lock the compose window completely. It is still possible to interact with the menu and the toolbar buttons.

For example: You can still change the delivery format or the priority. And you can even fiddle with the editor, i.e. the body of the message, via "Tools -> Quote Message". Multiple menu entries are still enabled, but seem to have no effect.

I think the compose window should get locked completely in this case - including locking all menus and toolbars.

There are multiple places where a global locking of the message compose window is needed, e.g.: Bug 1758469 and Bug 1758470. And in case of an "locking overlay" in the compose window as an alternative to modal dialogs - discussed in Bug 1607192. The solution should ideally cover all these use-cases.

See Also: → 1758470
See Also: → 1607192
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