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Update pdf.js to new version 348665934e195a7d7af7f09ecfe26cbc7f2f9751


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, task)

Firefox 107



107 Branch
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firefox107 --- fixed


(Reporter: calixte, Assigned: calixte)


(Blocks 1 open bug)



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#15498 Replace some Array.prototype-usage with spread syntax
#15485 Use more optional chaining in the code-base (PR 15398 follow-up)
#15499 Reference supported browsers Wiki-page in more README files
#15500 [api-minor] Stop exposing the LoopbackPort class in the API
#15501 Restore the old fonts in the errorWrapper (PR 15438 follow-up)
#15503 Use a consistent outline for all UI buttons (PR 15438 follow-up)
#15504 Use stopImmediatePropagation without checking for its existence first
#15507 Improve the FontLoader code
#15486 Fix property chain orders of Operators in isDotExpression
#15512 [JS] Override the Doc.external-getter to avoid alert-modals on load (issue 15509)
#15522 [Editing] Disable the HandTool during editing (bug 1792422)
#15527 [JS] Add the function AFExactMatch
#15515 Revert "Don't listen for window resolution changes in old browsers (PR 15319 follow-up)"
#15517 Add more non-standard ligatures in the glyphlist.js file (issue 15516)
#15514 Replace the DOMMatrix polyfill, used with Node.js, with the one from node-canvas
#15511 More FontLoader clean-up
#15530 Re-factor the toggleButton l10n in the PDFSidebar class
#15510 Change how src/shared/compatibility.js is imported
#15508 Update dependencies and translations to the most recent versions
#15533 [GENERIC viewer] Remove the errorWrapper UI
#15534 [api-minor] Stop setting an id on the styleElement used with CSS font-loading
#15536 Use more for...of loops in the code-base
#15537 [api-minor] Add partial support for the "GoToE" action (issue 8844)
#15542 [api-minor] Make isOffscreenCanvasSupported configurable via the API (issue 14952)
#15539 Replace loop with TypedArray.prototype.set in the DecryptStream.readBlock method
#15538 Stop localizing error details in the viewer (PR 15533 follow-up)
#15547 Remove the unused Util.apply3dTransform method
#15548 Simplify the way to compute the remainder modulo 3 in PDF20Hash function
#15549 [XFA] Add some padding inline in selects
#15554 [api-major] Remove some deprecated constants
#15553 Remove the unused CMapCompressionType.STREAM value
#15552 Simplify the dropdownToolbarButton-select width computation
#15555 Clean-up the data that we're sending with "GetDocRequest"
#15558 Ensure that Page.getOperatorList handles Annotation parsing errors correctly (issue 15557, bug 1794351)

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Update pdf.js to new version 348665934e195a7d7af7f09ecfe26cbc7f2f9751 r=pdfjs-reviewers,marco
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