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«mail.notification.count.inbox_only» no longer works


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Thunderbird 115


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(Keywords: regression)

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Steps to reproduce:

I had set "mail.notification.count.inbox_only" property to TRUE but after updating to Nova it does not longer work.

Actual results:

  • Using normal view pane
  • The top folder of IMAP mailboxes display the total of unread messages count badge at the right, adding also the new messages arriving at SPAM folder which is undesired

Expected results:

  • When "mail.notification.count.inbox_only" is set to TRUE, only new or unread messages coming from INBOX folder are counted and displayed in the badge
See Also: → 1824889

Still an issue in Thunderbird 115.3 or later?

Keywords: regression

Yes, I still do experience the bug in TB 115.3.0.

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