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Mail forwarding of multiple messages broken in v115.3.1esr


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Steps to reproduce:

I recently updated from 102.15.1 to 115.3.1 and noticed the broken behavior.

For starters I have mail.forward_message_mode=0 ... this means I forward messages as attachments by default.

Before ny upgrade, I could select any number of messages, press Cntrl+L, and then forward the selected messages as an attachment.

After upgrading, this functionality continues to work, but only if a single message is selected. If I have multiple messages selected, and press Cntrl+L, nothing happens.

Actual results:

Nothing happens when multiple messages are selected, and I press Cntrl+L.

If I press the forward button, the messages will get forwarded inline. If multiple messages were selected, then multiple compose windows appear, with a single inline forward for each.

Changing the value of mail.forward_message_mode to 1 or the default 2, has no affect. Nothing happens when multiple messages are selected and I press Cntrl+L.

Expected results:

An empty composition window should appear, and all of the messages that are selected, whether it be 1 or 18,564 should be attached to that message.

I believe the new version is ignoring the pref flag, and doing nothing when multiple messages are selected. This makes sense as a default behavior when inline attachments are the default style.

Personally I have always believed that if multiple messages are selected, and a user hits forward, a mail agent should forward them as attachments. If a user has expressly selected inline as their preferred default, then popping open multiple compose windows makes sense. Likewise, if a user selects as an attachment as the preferred mode, then a single compose with the message(s) attached makes sense.

Either way, please restore the old behavior. I use the Cntrl+L short cut to forward my junk mail to various places, as attachments, on a daily (as in multiple times per day) basis. And I don't know if you know this already, but my junk mail is very social, and doesn't like to be forwarded one message at a time. It prefers to travel as a group.

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Keywords: regression
Regressed by: 1735119

I can confirm this regression. Until this is fixed, using [Shift]+[F10] [o] should still work.

Summary: Mail forwarding w messages broken in v115.3.1esr → Mail forwarding of multiple messages broken in v115.3.1esr
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Re-enable forwarding by hotkey for multiple messages. r=mkmelin

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Bug 1859938 - Re-enable forwarding by hotkey for multiple messages. r=mkmelin

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Bug 1859938 - Re-enable forwarding by hotkey for multiple messages. r=mkmelin

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