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-moz-opacity makes things invisible in GTK2 port


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When I apply opacity in Mozilla 1.3 or 1.4a using CSS (using -moz-opacity),
objects only appear at all if opacity is set to 1.  Any value less than 1
results in the object being completely invisible.  It works as expected in 1.2.

Also, only decimal values have an effect... 0.7 will trigger the above bug, but
70% results in no change - it appears at full 100% opacity given any percentage

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set an item to less than .9 opacity w/ CSS.
2. See the item be invisible.

Actual Results:  
Didn't see what I thought I would - a partially visible item.

Expected Results:  
Shown a partially visible item.

This happens with the GTK2/Xft binaries available on  Guess it
might be a GTK2-renderer bug?  Haven't tried with any non-GTK2 version of
Mozilla 1.3+.  This is all on RedHat8 and 9.  (I can check more indepth with
more browser versions and OS's at home.)
Two notes:

1)  Percentage opacity has been removed.  So no, it won't work.  ;)
2)  This works fine for me with gtk1 builds...
Nice.  Doesn't work here on my gtk2 build, that's for damn sure.  Something is
screwed up. :)
Blocks: gtk2
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: opacity odd behaviour → -moz-opacity makes things invisible in GTK2 port
Does this depend on your screen depth? There is a known bug with GTK rendering
onto 24-bit offscreen surfaces which might be triggered more often with GTK2.
Confirmed: -moz-opacity is broken in the Debian Mozilla 1.3.1 package and the
Firebird GTK2 builds. Let's vote for this bug...
*** Bug 214072 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Here's a nice testcase:

Firebird 0.7-gtk1 renders this perfectly.
Firebird 0.7-gtk2 displays just a black screen. (24-bit on XFree 4.3 with NVidia

I hit the same problem with the official Linux mozilla1.5 build. And this makes
it a serious problemas we want 1.5 to be a end-user release.

Should't the bug be at least major? 
Changing the severity.
Severity: normal → major
If the build you're using doesn't have --enable-default-toolkit=gtk2 in
about:buildconfig, then it's not this bug.

(There is another bug somewhere about problems on GTK1 with certain color
depths, I think.)

It's probably best to wait until roc lands bug 212366 before looking at this too
Yes, I used the builds from
described on the Realeases page ( as "RPMS
for Red Hat Linux 9 with Xft and Gtk2".
I think I've figured this out.  The bpp member of GdkImage is document as bytes
per pixel.  GDK1 (based on Red Hat 9's gtk+-1.2.10/gdk/gdkimage.c) sometimes set
it as bytes per pixel and sometimes set is a bits per pixel (and for the case
that mattered to us, it was presumably using bits per pixel).  GDK2 is correct
and always sets is at bytes per pixel.

Patch coming shortly, once I test it.  I've already tested that the removal of
the ">> 3" in nsDrawingSurfaceGTK::Lock fixes this for GTK2, but it presumably
breaks GTK1.  I'm planning to use (GDK_IMAGE_XIMAGE(mImage)->bits_per_pixel + 7)
/ 8, which is the same math that GDK uses internally to set bpp.  (I'm probably
going to be lazy and test it only in my GTK2 build, though, and hope someone
else can test on GTK1.)
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I also remember roc mentioning problems with GTK1 at certain color depths. 
Perhaps this will fix that as well (might bits_per_pixel have been 15 in some
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Looks good to me.
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Looks good. I tried it on GTK1 and it seems to work OK.
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Fix checked in to trunk, 2003-11-01 19:14 -0800.
Closed: 20 years ago
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> Here's a nice testcase:

What _should_ this page be rendered as? On OS X firefox 0.8 this shows a black page.
Re comment 17: that's bug 228441
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