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RFE: Add ability for menu items to be assigned to key combinations


(Thunderbird :: Mail Window Front End, enhancement)

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Instead of cluttering up the clean interface of Thunderbird with more
buttons/icons, add the ability whether through an extension or in the
application for users to assign key combinations to menu items.

For instance, I regularly swap between plain text and original HTML modes and it
is a pain to keep doing this with a mouse. I would like to be able to assign say
Ctrl + Shift + P to plain text and Ctrl + Shift + H to HTML. 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
QA Contact: message-compose
Assignee: mscott → nobody
this is already possible via extensions, no?
Component: Message Compose Window → Mail Window Front End
QA Contact: message-compose → front-end
Duplicate of this bug: 360896
keyConfig or menuManipulator extensions. See here
Bryan, do you foresee circumstances where something like this would be accepted in code?  If so, wouldn't it likely have to be core code?
Whiteboard: [drivers:wontfix?]
There has been lots of talk of changing how the key combos work in TB.  In particular it would be nice to have a key mapping system such that we could offer an Outlook key mapping or a key mapping as these are learned behaviors which could be reused.  Given that system it would be fairly simple for an extension or keymap editor in core to allow you to set a key combo for whatever you wanted.

I suspect that the keymap code is a ways away and this would be an additional feature on top of that.
As an FYI, we wrote some code to do customizable keybindings in Komodo which is available for reuse (published under the tri-license), if anyone's eager.  See for some code to start poking at.
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