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14 years ago
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There should be an option to show the email address along side the display name
in the sender column of the mail list.  This would make it easier to identify
spam without having to open it.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Run thunderbird
2. Look at the message list

Actual Results:  
Only the "display name" is shown

Expected Results:  
The sender column should show the display name followed by the email address
enclosed in angled brackets <>.  A tooltip should show the entire display name
plus email address if it is too long.

Comment 1

14 years ago
Somewhat related request, I would like the message panes to show real name
<email address>.  It seems somewhat erratic now, my guess is the To and CC
fields are always just real name.  At least this could be an option.

Comment 2

14 years ago
I am having this problem too - TB shows the email addresses only in the message 
view pane, but i want to see the display name.  OE, Eudora, and other email 
clients i have used have this option by default.

It's something that needs to be addressed, because i'm sure there are other 
users like me that want to see display names in the message view pane.
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Comment 5

5 years ago
I would like this reopened for Thunderbird (now at v17).
This feature request is more than eye candy.  It can / will add to the SECURITY & PRIVACY by users not accidentally clicking on spam that got by filters, or verifying if "good" mail (or expected mail) was accidentally marked spam.  

For years I've asked / searched about way to show the actual email address in Thunderbird message (list) pane, rather than JUST the name of a person.  I've seen many requests on forums - Mozillazine, - for same option.  

I believe there are addons to do this, but that's one more addon to do something that should be an included option in Tbird.

Most likely, this feature would be enabled by adding another option in the existing drop box of "columns to display" in the message list pane - such as "show sender email address," as a separate column in message pane list (AND / OR in a tool tip pop up, hovering over From: name).  The former is a VERY simple addition for Tbird devs.


In full header, the From shows: From: "Web Hosting Unleashed" <>
Add a method / column option to display the actual email address part:  <>

1) If the sender included NO name in front of the email address - header has only an address like:  <>, then From: column in message list will be BLANK.  This happens quite often.

2) If my friend, "John" (whether in my address book or not) uses an address & name: "John <>" then Thunderbird only shows "John" in From: column of message list.

If I receive spam or just mail from unknown person / source, ALSO using the name "John," I can't tell if it's from my friend or unknown / unwanted source.

3) If I receive spam:
a) That's IS marked as spam:
but the "name" of sender displayed in From: column is the same as a friend, I can't tell by looking if a friend's email unintentionally got marked as junk.  There's no email address to immediately confirm that.  If a friend's email is marked junk, but I can see the address (& name) is:
"John <>" there's a excellent chance it's from a friend.

b) That's NOT marked as spam:
But has a name in From: column that could be from a friend, if the full email address is shown as an optional column (or in a tool tip pop up, hovering over From: name), then I immediately know w/ 99% confidence it's from my friend.

*OR* it's an address I never heard of (VERY likely spam) as:  John <2#1$!>
where, in last example, Thunderbird will currently STILL only display "John" in From column, in message list pane.

Sure, email addresses CAN be spoofed.  But if an email slips past spam filters that has address: "John <2#1$!>" - I KNOW it's junk & can delete it w/o EVER opening it.

If "good" email got marked as junk, users always have the option to view in plain text.  (That SHOULD be default behavior of Tbird for junk mail, as in many web mail viewers, but that's another request).
Yeah, I'ld be up for re-opening this.

I would be happy with either or both of
1) adding a "From Email Address" column to the list (not selected by default), and
2) adding a tooltip to the From column which showed the email address.

Thanks for the comment, and if you'ld like to try fixing the bug, please email me and I'll do what I can to help you get started!  :)
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5 years ago
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