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Need install.rdf for FF .9


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Not set


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We need to provide an install.rdf for the new Firefox .9 and the upcoming TB
(because of the Extension Manager)

see also ben's blog:

this bug does not cover the packaging of install.rdf, just the creation.
Blocks: 219589
Blocks: 200257
No longer blocks: 200257, 219589
Blocks: 245208
This is a first shot at install.rdf for a EM install....

The sunbird Icon may need touch-up, as well as any contributors Mostafah thinks
are needed, I'm also not fully sure if we should default install the other
locals through this or what, this version does not recognize locals other than
en-US by the rdf.
Comment on attachment 149979 [details]
First go at an install.rdf

Looks good. Where should it be checked in?
check into @srcdir@/calendar please its not touched yet, bug should stay new
until it is imo
install.rdf has been added to @srcdir@/calendar
I've tweaked install.rdf and changed to use it when building the
xpi. Everything's working well with FF-0.9.2 and TB-0.7.2
Is there anything else to keep this bug open for?
nope, bug fixed
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