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Define and implement a GUI for DCC chat and file sending


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DCC Chat and File work now, but your average IRC n00b stands no chance of using
it. Issues:

  - no menu items for starting DCC chat or file.
  - no UI (e.g. in chat view) for accepting/declining an offer.
  - no UI for showing what DCC is doing, and /dcc-list only shows state (doesn't
include file progress, etc.).
I'm just noting that DCC items relating to UI and user-friendliness from Bug
73257 are now being discussed/fixed in this bug.

To me, "easy to use" is a nebulous term with little if any meaning, and
"user friendly" is the name of a comic strip.  Shouldn't the summary
reflect what is to be done in the bug?

As I see it, the two steps to fixing this bug are
 1. designing GUI elements for DCC file and chat in Chatzilla, and
 2. implementing that GUI.
Summary: Make DCC user-friendly / easy to use / add UI for DCC → Define and implement a GUI for DCC chat and file sending
*** Bug 255570 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
just to note that the latest ChatZillas have [Accept] [Decline] buttons in the chat against each offer, to help make using DCC easier. We still need a 'real' (accessible) UI for it, and for starting such transfers, though.
Product: Core → Other Applications
As can be seen on the current page, I
have put some basic DCC menu items into the view and userlist menus.

I think all three items in comment #0 will be addressed after this, but I don't
feel we're done yet - there is plenty more to do. :)
Whiteboard: [cz-]
Assignee: silver → rginda
QA Contact: samuel → chatzilla
Depends on: 308324, 362584
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