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share profile between Windows and Linux


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I've heard this is possible,
but it's not obvious how to do it, and it only works for sharing the mail data.
I think it would be awesome if Thunderbird could make it possible to /easily/
share an entire profile (including the prefs, mail filters, *addressbook* etc.)
across OSes. (You could probably dominate the Win/Linux dual-boot market with
this. Not a really big market, but sharing mail that simply would probably make
it bigger.)

I tried to share mail with Mozilla once, but although the mail files themselves
were available to both OSes, some other critical files weren't -- like the
"these are the messages we've already downloaded from the POP server so don't
download again" data. I could read and send from Linux just fine, but I'd have
to reboot to Windows to check/download new mail if I didn't want to screw up my
Related to Core bug 58647?
apparently according to bug 298265 it's possible but not terribly functional
(doesn't share 'read/unread' marker properly)
QA Contact: general
David, iirc you told me this type of issue is essentially wontfix?
Assignee: mscott → nobody
it's basically not supported, right. People do it, however.  I didn't know that popstate.dat doesn't work across windows/linux - that surprises me a little.
Depends on: 888371
Severity: normal → S3
See Also: → 653389
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