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[Approval Queue] UI for the Approval Queue Log


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The approval log should be browsable, showing who approved/denied and when they
did it.
Agreed. :-) This wasn't done originally cause the approval logging is kinda
hackish to start with.
Summary: Browsable approval log → UI for the Approval Log for Admins
Summary: UI for the Approval Log for Admins → [Approval Queue] UI for the Approval Queue Log
I've done a basic UI. It's basically a tabular print of the table. Anything more
featured will have to wait till after 1.0.
Whiteboard: basic-UI done (fixed-development), after-1.0 for complete.
Whiteboard: basic-UI done (fixed-development), after-1.0 for complete. → basic-UI done (fixed-beta), after-1.0 for complete.
A basic UI is in update-beta. I'll consider taking a more complete UI for
update-beta if it gets done, otherwise this is post 1.0. 

Marking assigned as this is part of my fixed-beta list (for the basic UI
anyway). and I don't really see a point in spinning of a new bug for the full thing.
Keywords: helpwanted
I'd like to see pagination and filtering/searching.  I'd prefer it shows Who,
What, When with the ability to click an item to see actual approval/denial
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Resolution: FIXED → ---
Target Milestone: --- → 1.0
Whiteboard: basic-UI done (fixed-beta), after-1.0 for complete. → basic-UI done (beta), after-1.0 for complete.
The column headers for Install? 	Unistall? 	New Chrome? 	App Works? are useless,
since you have to select YES in order to approve.
They're not there for YES, they're there for No. :-)
But I can't leave a box unchecked, can I?  So it would never be a No
If you're donig a denial, it can be a no. :-)
Instead of ID and vID, how about the name and version with a link to edit it?  

There are no checkboxes for Visual Errors? and All Elements Themed?, so they can
be removed.  

Maybe rename the values in Action as "Approved", "Denied" by wrapping the print
statement with a replace().  Or maybe a smiley, a frowny, and a circle with a
question mark in it.

I'm not sure what uID is supposed to be.  It doesn't appear to be unique.
Visual Errors / All Elements Themed, as the names suggest are for Themes only.
:-) They don't appear for Extensions.

--> 1.1.
Target Milestone: 1.0 → 1.1
Assignee: psychoticwolf → nobody
Whiteboard: basic-UI done (beta), after-1.0 for complete.
Target Milestone: 1.1 → 2.0
Now that Firefox and UMO are becoming more popular, the approval log is getting
pretty huge. Ability to view pages of 20 items at a time would be useful.
This definetly needs to be improved... I'll work on it by the end of the week.
Assignee: nobody → colin.ogilvie
Assignee: colin.ogilvie → jstritar
Keywords: helpwanted
I've started to do some work on this. Colin, if you have done anything or have
any  ideas we can coordinate in irc.
Here is what is in this patch:

1) Simplified approval log table which includes important data (removes the
install?, new chrome?, etc columns because the descriptions cover that) and has
borders for easier reading.
2) The log now resolves the IDs to actual extension and user names.
3) Extension and user names are links to edit the user/extension or just to
view the extension (on the moreinfo.php page) if you're not an admin.
4) I've also changed the link in the approval queue to point to the
moreinfo.php for the extension if you do not have privileges to edit it.

CTho: I tried to add more context to the patch, but when I used the actual cvs
command to diff, it thought I changed the entire file... so instead I just made
it with eclipse and the default amount of context.
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Improved approval log UI

>@@ -243,79 +256,136 @@
> <?php 
> } else if ($function=="approvalhistory") {
>+function renderPageNav($page, $pages, $per_page) {
>+	$url = "?function=".$_GET['function']."&amp;numpg=".$per_page."&amp;pageid=";

That looks like a function inside a IF block.  Say it aint' so.
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Improved approval log UI

UMO v2 is live.  I had a lot less to do with its development, so check with morgamic before using me for reviews.
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Depends on: 335410
AMO bugspam. Correcting QA contacts on OLD bugs (mozilla.update@update.bugs)

-> Correct QA contact (developers@add-ons.bugs)

QA Contact: mozilla.update → developers
Depends on: remora-dev
Assignee: jstritar → fligtar
Target Milestone: 2.0 → 3.0
Component: Developer Pages → Admin/Reviewer Tools
QA Contact: developers → admin-tools
Target Milestone: 3.0 → ---
Version: unspecified → 1.0
v2 didn't have a new queue UI, but we're not going to be fixing the v1 UI either.  WONTFIXing rather than making a strict "WFM" reading of the Summary!
Closed: 16 years ago14 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: → Graveyard
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