[RFE] option to prioritize events or delete overlaps with recurring events



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Having the option to show one event when it overlaps with other that are less
important or can be moved.  Perhaps have a flag that says, "this is overlapping
another event, would you like to continue or delete former event?" Something
like that.  Example, I keep a daily schedule that repeats every M-F, but if I'm
called to do something else, it doesn't let me delete the one occurrance that
overlaps, which I won't be doing anyway, because the new one is a higher priority.

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13 years ago
This seems like a reasonable request, and there have been several requests like
it, asking for either alerts or prohibitions on events whose time frames overlap.
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I believe support for this is available in RFC2445 with use of TRANSP and an assignment of "OPAQUE" or "TRANSPARENT".
If this proprty of the RFC were supported, then an event could be marked as "transparent" and allow overlapping, or marked "opaque" and deny overlap.

Other scheduling software takes 2 common approaches to showing overlapping events in a daily/weekly view of hours:
1) A vertical "Red Line" for each overlap (multiple in parallel if necessary for each overlap) while both events may be selected, and selection bring the selected to the foreground.
2) Overlapping events force a horizontal division in the day view, so both timelines/ranges for each event that overlaps may be viewed in entirety.

If TRANSP from the RFC were supported, then conflicts in overlapping OPAQUE events could be shown (perhaps with a "red line" while overlaps in non-opaque events (transparent) could be shown with no line, or perhaps a different color (yellow? green?)

As of a test today, I have created a single event that starts at midnight, and runs will 11:30pm (23.5 hours) and it overlaps 2 other events. All have the same priority, but only the 23.5 hour even is visible in the day view for what events take place that hour.

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I can provide ical events that reproduce this if necessary.
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