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Allow setting up default for event status on new items


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This is not exactly a "bug" but it is an enhancement that I would thoroughly
enjoy and some programmer might enjoy doing.  I set an alarm for almost all of
my calendar events, and I like setting the alarm at 1 hour before the event, and
almost all of my events are confirmed before putting them in my calendar.  It is
annoying that I have to change these three fields for every event I place in my
calendar.  If there was some way under "options" to set these defaults, it would
be very nice.

I think it's absolutely fantastic what you guys are doing.  I have been a
programmer for about 25 years, and have always taken the perspective that
computers should be trained (i.e., programmed) to accomodate users, and not the
other way around.  You guys seem to truly have this approach in your hearts. 
Keep up the good work.

p.s. I think keeping the calendar separate from the email system is brilliant. 
We must stay attuned to how people think.  I have never had a problem with
placing an event on my calendar from an email I received, and I don't
particularly appreciate it when my computer thinks it's smarter than I am when
it tries to do this for me.  Ultimately, there will need to be some calendar
sharing features so that secretaries (and other allowed people) can view and/or
update someone's calendar.  Once again, keep up the good work!!!

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default alarm (on/off) and time before is configured in option, however default status doesn't
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Summary: Defaults for: Alarm (Yes/No checkbox), time before event, and event status. → Allow setting up default for event status on new items
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