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14 years ago
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Build Identifier: Thunderbird 0.7

We translate Thunderbird on the Kyrghyz language and we wish to be registered  
that others could download Kyrghyz version of Thunderbird from your site. It 
is very important.

Reproducible: Didn't try

Comment 1

14 years ago
This document explains how to start a localisation team and what to do. Note
that Firefox already got a localisation team, see
Maybe they can help you. More info in bug 287346.

I'm moving this bug to the Mozilla Localisation project
Assignee: mscott → registration
Severity: blocker → normal
Component: General → Registration & Management
Product: Thunderbird → Mozilla Localizations
QA Contact: general → registration

Comment 2

14 years ago
Ilyas, Timur, what do you think?

Ainura, we'd at least need to know who "we" is, how many folks, what are their
names. How far is your localization?
I'd like to note that, sadly, the l10n project page is badly out-of-date, most
information is on the wiki these days.

We need source files for you localizations, this is affecting Ilyas as well,
those go through some source-level review to see if that is going to build
successfully, and then we register owners and peers.
Summary: How to localize Thunderbird? → Thunderbird ky-KG l10n registration request

Comment 3

14 years ago
> We need source files for you localizations, this is affecting Ilyas as well,
> those go through some source-level review to see if that is going to build
> successfully, and then we register owners and peers.

Ok, thanks. I would like to see Ainura's work and join with her team to wide
kyrgyz localization team.nice to see new stuff

Blocks: 287346
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: Thunderbird ky-KG l10n registration request → [ky-KG] Kyrghyz: Thunderbird
Summary: [ky-KG] Kyrghyz: Thunderbird → [ky-KG] Kyrgyz: Thunderbird
On behalf of the Mozilla Project, I'd like to apologise for the delay in processing this request. We very much appreciate offers of help in localization.

If anyone reading this is still interested in helping to translate one or more Mozilla products into the language that this bug is about, please add a new comment to this bug to confirm your interest, saying again which products you would like to localize e.g., Firefox, Thunderbird. We will then make the necessary arrangements.

Comment 5

12 years ago
I interested in project and have old version of translations. At the moment I'm busy and invited some people to continue project. Now, as I see no work done. I suggested to update translations with trunk and update them on server. So, in my opinion I see that I should restart it and do much effort to introduce first public kirghiz version of Firefox and Thunderbird.

I will continue project and if anybody interested, please welcome.Ready for any help.  

I requested cvs access to checkout and commit my translations. And I have Ainura's transalations which will be updated.

I can say that Timur, Ainura and Nurlan can partially help me with project. This is the same as for Thunderbird

Comment 6

12 years ago
That's good news.

I adjusted the dependencies a bit in this bug triple. Let's move this bug into the focus. I'd like to see the current state of the work as a packed up source for a technical review, similar to the attachements in bug 296351.

http://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Becoming_an_Official_Localization, in particular the Preparation and Review sections seem to be the currently relevant documentation, though it probably makes sense to read the rest of the process documentation, too, to get an idea of where we're at these days.
Blocks: 296351
Duplicate of this bug: 287346
Ilyas: how are you doing? Have you managed to make any progress?


Comment 9

11 years ago
Ilyas and team:

Due to the lack of recent activity on this bug, we are going to resolve it as "incomplete".  If you choose to restart translation activity, then no problem at all.  Please notify the l10n-drivers team using the l10n mailing list (dev-l10n@lists.mozilla.org) and file a new bug in Bugzilla.  That bug should indicate that you are interested in translating the upcoming version of Firefox, which is 3.1 right now.

All the best,
Last Resolved: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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