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outline should follow shape of border-radius (remove -moz-outline-radius)


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It seems that if a box has a border radius (for rounding the corners) that if an outline is applied to the same box, the outline does not follow the defined radius. Resulting in a round-edged box with an outline that is rectangular. Not sure if this is a CSS-spec bug (W3C), or a rendering bug (Moz).

On the example URL given - mouse over the main boxes on the page to see the effect.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Visit example URL
2. Mouse over the main white boxes on the page
3. Brown coloured outline should appear around the rounded edged boxes (border-radius)

Actual Results:  
Outline does not follow border-radius.

Expected Results:  
Outline should follow border-radius. (? or should it ?)

Other browsers: Opera 8 doesn't support radius anyway, Safari 2.0.2 doesn't support radius, IE doesn't support [anything] radius - so not much to compare it with really.

I suppose this is CSS3 related, although obviously the -moz-border-radius CSS extension also demonstrates the problem.
You can use -moz-outline-radius to get rounded outline borders.
(In reply to comment #1)
> You can use -moz-outline-radius to get rounded outline borders.

Hmmm... ok, so that's the mozilla extension. So it's possible to achieve it. But should the outline follow the border shape if defined?
I think CSS allows this, see

> Outlines may be non-rectangular.
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Summary: CSS: radius defined box edges and outline combination - outline not following radius 'shape' → outline should follow shape of border-radius
Outlines should follow border-radius like box-shadow.
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(In reply to Daniel.S (mostly offline during the week) from comment #3)
> I think CSS allows this, see
> > Outlines may be non-rectangular.

That sentence is longer in CSS2, see :

> Outlines may be non-rectangular. For example, if the element is broken across several lines, the outline is the minimum outline that encloses all the element's boxes. In contrast to borders, the outline is not open at the line box's end or start, but is always fully connected if possible.

I read this not as "outlines can be rounded, while borders can't", which is obviously false (the idea of the issue is that the outline should be rounded like the border), but that the outline follows the element's real shape closer, especially valid for inline elements spread over several lines.
Summary: outline should follow shape of border-radius → outline should follow shape of border-radius (remove -moz-outline-radius)
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CSS3 UI requires this behavior:
"To the extent that the outline follows the border edge, it should follow the border-radius curve."
Updated URL accordingly. Old "URL" in this bug ( appears to be offline.
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We could prototype this behind a flag pretty easily. It'd be a matter of replacing the users of mOutlineRadius with the border-radius instead, and adding a pref.

So, steps:

  • Adding a layout.css.outline-follows-border-radius.enabled pref to StaticPrefList.yaml (probably enabled on nightly-only or disabled by default for now).
  • Add a comment here, saying that if we ever optimize this we need to account for outline too.
  • Instead of using mOutlineRadius here, check the pref and do something like:
const auto& radius = StaticPrefs::layout_css_outline_follows_border_radius_enabled()
    ? aStyle->StyleBorder()->mBorderRadius
    : ourOutline->mOutlineRadius;

// .. carry-on
  • Same here (maybe add a const StyleBorderRadius& GetOutlineRadius() const helper to nsDisplayOutline?

That'd be all for now, we wouldn't disable -moz-outline-radius for now, because we don't have prefs that disable css properties. The property would just become silently useless, and then when this ships we can remove it altogether.

Mentor: emilio
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Oh, forgot a step of course. Write a reftest in layout/reftests/outline like:

test-pref(layout.css.outline-follows-border-radius.enabled,true) == border-radius.html outline-radius.html

Where the border-radius.html file uses border-radius and an outline, and the outline radius one uses -moz-outline-radius. That would check that the feature works :)

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is this issue still of interest ?

I don't think the approach you posted works quite right. i.e. it doesn't take into account the border thickness. Adding the outline-width onto its radius looks right to me. Is that what we want? Are there other scenarios to take into account?

EDIT: Also need to take into account outline-offset?

Ah, you're totally right of course. Other interesting scenario is what happens when the element is broken into lines or columns, etc. But I think our behavior there may not be ideal already.

Assignee: nobody → wjohnston2000

Patch wfm, but needs reftests. I'm not sure the right way to do all the unit conversions/addition here, so looking for feedback first.

Another set of test cases with some different sizes, offsets, animations, etc.

Rendering borders on elements with columns seems broken in basically every browser.

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Might still be useful to provide feedback here.

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I provided feedback on the phabricator revision a while ago, though maybe they were missed?

Yeah, the multicol case seems harder, but for now keeping our moz-outline-radius first to get something landed here sounds reasonable to me. We can flesh out the edge cases in other bug.

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This makes -moz-outline-radius a no-op, but keep it for now.

If/when we make this the default in release, we can remove it.

Depends on D104323

I was looking at related code as part of bug 1691064, so I think we should try to do this too.

See Also: → 1691064
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Remove useless nsCSSBorderRenderer::mDocument. r=mstange
Add a pref to make non-auto outline follow border radius. r=mstange
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I was given this to document but it looks like it is just in Nightly right now, is that correct?

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Yes, though I think we should turn it on everywhere, now that the merge is done. I filed bug 1694146 for that.

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