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Provide an obvious way to open a new browser window in the UI


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Mac OS doesn't restart an already running program. when the last browserwindow is closed, but chatzilla is still running, one has to provide an url request to get a  new browserwindow. a "new browser" entry in the chatzilla menu would solve the problem.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce: firefox
2.start chatzilla
3.close all browserwindows
Actual Results:  
there is no browserwindow :-)

Expected Results:  
provide a way to re-open it
I'm somewhat surprised I forgot to comment on this earlier, but in any case, you can open an empty browser window using:

/goto-url about:blank

(any other valid url will work too, but obviously that will open that url, instead of an empty window)

Of course, clicking any link will open a browser window as well.

So, this should be an enhancement bug, to provide a more clear and obvious way to open a browser window. (Though one may argue that it's fairly obvious that clicking a link will open a browser window)
Severity: normal → enhancement
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: unable to reopen browserwindow / please include new-browser tomenu → Provide an obvious way to open a new browser window in the UI
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This isn't just about opening a new browser window, really. It's about how Chatzilla incorporates itself into the Firefox item on the Dock and in the menu bar, but does not keep the same menu bar as Firefox. In addition to not being able to open a new Firefox window while in Chatzilla, there is no Window menu, as in Firefox, to facilitate switching to Firefox (or even Chatzilla) windows that are already open.
That's Toolkit's problem, not ours. We just provide the windows - Toolkit should provide any OS-specific ways to go to other windows.
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I'm adding my voice to Gordon's. I don't know if bug or enhancement is the best place for this, but Chatzilla really needs a Window menu, and that menu needs to include the ability to Open a browser window.

For extra credit, Chatzilla should mimic the Window menu of whatever Mozilla product it's riding with. In my case, I should get the SeaMonkey window menu. Firefox should get the Firefox Window menu.
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Hardware: PowerPC → All
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This bug has been reported since January 2006. I hope to see a solution soon :)
QA Contact: samuel → chatzilla
I suspect this is in someway related to window handling for OS X in general. There a number of oddities because OS X does certain things, like the app doesn't quit when the last window is closed, and so on.
As a user that runs CZ as a XUL Runner app, I have to think that a fix for this might cause stand alone users who just happen to be running CZ on a Mac problems.  They don't have a browser as "part" of CZ.
Well the new window key also does not work in Windows either, however an open url action from the system will open a new window. In some sense, this 'thing' whatever it is really makes chatzilla more viable as a addin for xulrunner and not really the browser. *shrug*
This bug now also affects Ubuntu's Unity desktop (the Ubuntu Netbook Edition). The Launcher (application bar on the left side of the screen) usually opens a new Firefox window or takes you to the existing Firefox window(s).

After opening a ChatZilla window, and closing all the regular browser windows, clicking Firefox in the Launcher takes you straight to ChatZilla and there is no way to open a regular Firefox browser window. The user has to quit ChatZilla, reopen Firefox through the Launcher, and then reopen ChatZilla. (Or navigate to Firefox some other way, but that's not easy.)
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