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12 years ago
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12 years ago
I know various users who would like to have per-product enter_bug templates. Certain products could have more or less fields, or certain products could have a special message at the top (like we do on bmo).
We need to keep in mind that this does not release us from the need of having product-specific sets of bug fields.

I did this for a customer once. I'll put it up so that we can see which parts of it are useful.

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12 years ago
Okay, great. Yeah, I have a client who's contracted me to add this feature, also, and to get it into upstream.
Assignee: ui → mkanat
Created attachment 221328 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch against 2.20 (use -p1)

This is my old simply-done patch for 2.20. It allows for project logos, too, and doesn't force the project-specific guided template for insidergroup members.
I think the correct architecture here is to use the formats mechanism, and for Bugzilla to look for formats in the following order:

1) The one specified on the "format=" URL parameter, e.g. for format=guided, create-guided.html.tmpl
2) A format named after the product, e.g. create-bugzilla.html.tmpl
3) No format, e.g. create.html.tmpl

This would be a very generic mechanism for having per-product entry pages, bug pages or anything else, without special-case code. The only restriction is that you could no longer invent a generic format, like "guided", which happened to share a name with one of your products.


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12 years ago
(In reply to comment #4)
> I think the correct architecture here is to use the formats mechanism

  I think that sounds very reasonable.

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10 years ago
Why don't rephrase this bug to:

Store per-product bookmarkable template URLs and display them instead of bare .../enter_bug.cgi?product=xxx links on product selection step, and perhaps in other 'Create another bug' places.

This way administrators will get a chance to add ...&format=yyy, or even fully override default values.

This way ability to 

 - display/suppress fields 
 - require/enforce/set default field values

can be reduced to optional URL syntax variables.


8 years ago
Assignee: mkanat → ui
Depends on: 1365983
No longer depends on: 1365983
Depends on: 1346929
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