:hover color too close to :visited color




13 years ago
13 years ago


(Reporter: dbaron, Unassigned)



During bug triage meetings, I often get confused because the following two colors in skins/standard/global.css are too close to each other:

219     :visited {
220         color: #636;
221     }
223     :link:hover, :visited:hover {
224         color: #333;
225     }

When I'm looking at a list of query results and opening each one in tabs, I see the links turn :visited, but sometimes confuse hovering over one of them with it turning visited because #636 and #333 are too close to each other, move the mouse away to skip a link that I think I've already clicked on, and then realize I was only seeing the hover color.

The :link:hover, :visited:hover color should be farther away from the :link and :visited colors (or not specified at all) so that it can't be confused with being one of those two states.
See also bug 317432.
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