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pl Search Feature Tracking for Firefox 2


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tracking bug to make sure we get things on the list below working correctly for
each locale:

Deafult Search partner list/order.
primary/secondary search selection behavior
Search codes.
Search Suggests enable/disable for locales where available or not
"pl-PL" is obsolete, Fx uses just "pl".
Summary: pl-PL Search Feature Tracking for Firefox 2 → pl Search Feature Tracking for Firefox 2
Depends on: 349138
To give you some highlights...

We've been evaluating the 1.5 search providers for a while now and we probably won't change anything for 2.0.

The only possible changes are to the bookstore ( [current] vs [possible]), but rather unlikely.

Some things to remind you about pl searchplugins:
* is an auctions site with the most marketshare here and we have their searchplugin included ( exists, but is of poor quality, e.g. no real PayPal here, marginal marketshare compared to allegro)
* is a replacement for Yahoo, as there is no (other than a useless redirect to Yahoo UK). is one of the biggest web portals, owned by France Telecom.

The current set of searchplugins was approved in bug 315214 for Fx 1.5 (and without in bug 265231 for Fx 1.0).
Blocks: fx20-pl
Bug 349138 is not dependant on this one (search vs RSS). I made it block bug 350040.
No longer depends on: 349138
QA Contact: adrian.kalla → smalolepszy
Attached file search summary
Please let us know if anything in this summary looks inaccurate, or if the build doesn't conform to these expectations.  Thanks!
(In reply to comment #4)
> Please let us know if anything in this summary looks inaccurate, or if the
> build doesn't conform to these expectations.  Thanks!

This is correct and the beta 2 second candidate build conforms to these expectations.

Note that some of the sites may redirect the URLs appending e.g. session IDs, so the actual URL in the location bar may look a bit different.
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: PC → All
Hey all,

Would you please provide some further insights into the rationale for the existing choices of search engine's 
 elaborate more on the information you included in comment #2: for example (wirtualna polska) seems mostly like a portal versus a strong search engine (i apologize for any non-intended offence as I don't know your market directly). 
 Any market specific data would be most useful (like this link found in bug 349390)

Also, do we have any kind of verbal or written agreements with these providers to allow us to point to their search engine's?.

Thanks for any help in enhancing my understanding of your market.

(In reply to comment #6)
> Hey all,
> Would you please provide some further insights into the rationale for the
> existing choices of search engine's 


1) Google - because we like the logo, I can't think of any other reason ;p
2) Allegro - huge community, biggest exchange place in Poland. ebay in Poland made a bad, really bad start, and is far, far away behind on the scene.
3) Encyklopedia PWN  - it's huge, it's very professional encyclopedia from big polish editor (PWN).
4) Merlin - polish amazon. You know, everyone uses it. And we like the logo
5) PBI - It's a unique thing I think. Polish ministry cocreated huge library with free books, manuscrypts etc. for tens of thousands of books available for anyone. It's legal, it's very pro-culture and it's free.
6) Wikipedia - there's no reason. I don't even like the logo... Marek? ;P
7) Wirtualna Polska - it's the best we can think of, similar to WP is the second biggest polish startpoint. First one is, but it ignores Firefox, and contains services available only for IE.

If you have any detailed questions, please, ask them. We're also on IRC on #l10n and #aviarypl :)

>  Any market specific data would be most useful (like this link
> found in bug
> 349390)

Yea. We have pretty good data ;) (you can also take a look at lithuania, czech and ukraine markets). (Gemius) covers 99% of polish internet. They track everything. Their stats are really very good for polish market. (in those stats, NetSprint is an search engine used by
> Also, do we have any kind of verbal or written agreements with these providers
> to allow us to point to their search engine's?.

For Google - I was in Google Poland HQ on Monday and we were talking about Fx stuff, so yes, they know ;)
For PBI we have verbal ask if we could add it from polish ministry of informatization and science. I was preparing special search feature for PBI to cover merged search results for our search box ;)
For marcoos is requesting written agreement.
For Merlin we were cooperating with them around Fx 1.5 to create a special service merging results from different categories. So yes, they know and are rather happy :)
For Wikipedia - we're cooperating with Polish Wikipedia foundation.

We don't have verbal nor written agreements from:
Allegro, PWN, WP.

Those three things are in Fx since 1.0. I'm rather sure that with 23% of market share - they'd contact us if they were not happy.

Do you want us to get explicite confirmations?
As Firefox has 22% market share in Poland, I am sure all of the sites we have in Polish Firefox know about it and are happy with it (nobody ever complained and the search set is more-less the same since 0.9, it's just the opposite - we're getting requests to include other plugins).

The reason why we include Wirtualna Polska is that it's a replacement for Yahoo (which doesn't have its Polish version other than Yahoo Mail). Yes, this is a general portal (like Yahoo), but the search engine they use there is one of the ones created in Poland (, which is quite good for Polish sites.

As for PWN, they provide Firefox (Sherlock) search plugins themselves at We don't have an agreement per se, but PWN knows about the inclusion and doesn't complain, just the opposite, they are happy with it.
Mic, are comments 6 and 7 good enough?
Whiteboard: [needs-mic]
Mic, is there anything that needs to be resolved by the Polish l10n team? Is there sth you need from us? 

To sum up the current approval situation from the sites:

Google and Wikipedia - Mozilla has the approvals from both sites for all locales

Merlin and PBI - the l10n team has verbal approvals from them (and they developed server backends for especially for these search plugins)

PWN, Allegro and - no official approval, but they are aware, don't complain and (unoficially) are happy with this. 

If you need written approvals from all the sites, we can try to get them, but it may take some time.

As for traffic, these sites are huge and the traffic generated by the search plugins doesn't hurt them, they're actually happy we're directing visitors to them. contact is Blazej Stachowiak <Blazej.Stachowiak at>, I'll write to him and ask him comment here.

Gandalf should have the contacts for PBI, as he worked with them to improve the server-side search.

I'll try to get the others contacts. Unfortunately, it's weekend now, so it may take some time...

note to all: this has been reviewed for FF2 from BD and is good to go
i will await the additional information once we receive it

PS the information in comment #7 & #8 was very helpful
Whiteboard: [needs-mic] → BD is good to go agrees to be included in the default set of Firefox 2 search plugins.

We won't be able to do search suggestions now (we have to prepere our system for last quarter), but we will be working on this subject in the future.
If Mic has remaining questions, she'll handle those outside of this bug, marking FIXED.

Please VERIFY on a nightly build that all search engines work as expected.
Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
here is what I see for order and codes in looking at Identyfikator kompilacji: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; pl; rv:1.8.1b2) Gecko/2006091203 BonEcho/2.0b2

Looks ok with the expection of google "offical" code that should get updated when the build flags get flipped for RC and final

Anyone spot any problems?



Encyklopedia PWN




Looks OK to me. :)
Polska Biblioteka Internetowa
is between Merlin and Wikipedia
I am assuming that it's okay based on comment #7 and #10 about PBI.   
PBI is between Merlin and Wikipedia because of the alphabetical order. ;-)
I mentioned it because chofmanns final list didn't include PBI.
Ah, OK.

Yes, this is correct, then.
pl is still missing the eBay search plugin which was listed as included in the l10n reqs doc. Based on comments, I'm leaving this marked as verified/fixed, but thought it worth noting.
Flags: blocking-firefox2?
If eBay is listed in the docs, then the docs are wrong and need updating.

We're not "missing" the eBay search plugin, Polish Firefox always had Allegro instead due to lack of popularity and poor quality of eBay services in Poland.

If Mozilla Corp. has some contracts with eBay that require us to ship with eBay instead of Allegro, we can do it, but it will *hurt* the users. 
I'm pretty confident that there is no requirement on eBay for Poland.

schrep, can you clarify that paragraph on I think anything starting from answers should be noted as "if you're looking for something local, this is what we found". Under that brandname, as both Amazon and eBay are more complex than that on an international level.

Mic signed this off in comment 12 and we used this set for quite a few releases, thus I'm unsetting the blocking flag.
Flags: blocking-firefox2?
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