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12 years ago
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12 years ago
This idea came from Sherman.

If you tag a message. We should automatically tag any replies to that same message  (i.e. any subsequent incoming messages in that thread) with the same tag.
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OK if one uses tags to group mails into categories that are not "action oriented". But this is not necessarily how everyone uses it, so if implemented wouldn't this have to be optional and not default behavior?

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12 years ago
I see no reason not to make this behavior default. outlook is doing it too when you use categories.
With task tags (like Todo) that wouldn't be very nice.

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12 years ago
yes, I agree with Magnus. Perhaps it can be on a per-tag basis, though I'd hate to complicate the UI. Or a global setting.

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12 years ago
since there are normally less "todo" tags than "archive" tags I would tend to an option like "use same tags for replies to a tagged message" and put a "exceptions" button beside it which opens a new window where I can enter a blacklist of tag which should not be attached to replies. it would fit nicely under the list of tags in the options menu.
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10 years ago
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This makes sense to me.  I wonder if we should be exposing this as a slightly different concept like "Thread Tagging" in order to get the effect without changing current behavior.


10 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 512054


9 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 568090
As my feature request Bug 568090 has been duped, I want to emphasize that this feature might be very important when using "saved searches" (aka. virtual folders, smart folders) to organize mail.

The aim is to to keep conversations cohesive. 

Current solution for folders hierarchies is to check "Place replies in the folder of the message being replied to" to keep mail conversations in one place.

We need the same functionality when organizing messages through tags and smart
I suggest if we reply to a message, we need an option to offer to tag the reply
using the tags of the smart folder.
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