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Someone has taken, so I can't release the "official" Danish dictionary under that name.

At the moment I use, but that creates problems several places.
For instance;

Could someone help me by giving me the rights to "da"-dictionary? Then I could upload the official Danish dictionary.
And perhaps a solution for the "danish"-dictionary - should it be removed or should I continue to maintain that as well?

The current Danish dictionary is at

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confirming. I see this problem too.
Ever confirmed: true
Which extension is the one with da@dictionaries...., and who'd be 'someone'? And what's the difference between that dictionary and the one that you would like to publish?
I have no idea. I'm just prompted with an error, that someone already has uploaded something with extension ID da@dictionary...

My extension (3596) is the official Danish dictionary - always up to date and used by thousands of users.

I'm the maintainer of the dictionary for MozillaDanmark and also the translator of Thunderbird, so I would love to get this fixed before 2.0. generates an extension with id "". That id is used by somone else, AFAIK that extension has never been approved om AMO. Therefore we use an unofficial id for the Danish dictionary "". There are two small problems with that:

1: Benjamin's tool mentioned above creates a dictionary with another id than the one we use.
2: The dictionary is not displayed correctly on . Actual: "danish | danish | Install (476 KB)", expected: "Danish | Dansk (da) | Install (476 KB)"

"Someone" is propably hansen himself. As I remember, hansen complained about AMO behaved strange first time he tried to upload the extension. I think the extension with id da@dict... is stuck somewhere in a cavity of AMO.

I think we should keep using the id we use now. Otherwise automatic update of the dictionary would stop working.

I want da@dict - and I'll maintain danish@dict too. That would be the best solution.
Why? The only problem I can find in having the wrong id is the cosmetic problem at AMO, which can be fixed with one line of JavaScript. Why maintain two extensions?
If we only keep the danish@dict, then we have to make redirects from da=>danish, since both Firefox and Thunderbird links to da.

That's fine by me - but I don't know how many people that would involve and it would be a hack.
Corrects "danish" to "da", added above the correction for "nb-NO_nn-NO" to "nb-NO" and "nn-NO".

Solves two problems on the dictionaries page in remora:
1: Danish dictionary is displayed in the top of the page instead of the English one
2: The line with the Danish dictionary further down the page is displayed correctly
BTW, when JavaScript is off, all dictionary links in remora are 404 Not Found.
So, what option are we going for? Who is the decision makers? It would be nice to have the danish dictionary display correctly at the time of remora release.
hansen:  Judging by the email address, I'd say you already own  Have you tried logging in and updating it? (the email address is a address)

(I realize this doesn't answer the danish vs. da question)
Okay - that's a bit strange, since I don't own a Gmail-account.

Could you post the mail, so we could contact the person.
I sent them an email.  I don't want to post their address publicly without them knowing.  If they are unresponsive, we can start looking at other options.
The owner of da@... replied:
> Hi there, I'm sorry, but I haven't got the faintest idea of, what You
> guys are talking about. ???? AMO - WHAT??? da dictionairies WHAT ??? 
> I should be the owner of WHAT ??? I know what a keyboard is, and is
> capable of turning the computer off an on, and I am actually also
> able to maintain some continuity in updating programs and so on, but
> what I read in the thread, You gave a link to, is as if written for a
> Serbo-Croat - no way, I can help You out here. But feel free to use
> my e-mail-adress to ask all sorts of questions about what I have done
> or where I have "been" on the Mozilla site, and I will help out there
> as best I can. At least I know, where the log is, and can go back in
> time. Once a long time ago, I offered some help with translation
> english to danish, but it was never actual for Mozilla or G-mail to
> take me up on the offer. But I never downloaded anything or heard
> anything about it, so I just assumed, my help was not needed. With
> regards, and sorry, if I didn't write in perfect english - remember,
> I am a pastry ;-D I'm Danish!!! Tina
(From bug 380305)

AMO now handles the special Danish extension id (see ). I think this bug could be closed?
As to comment #15
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