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SeaMonkey extensions and themes pages talk about "Firefox"


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The descriptions displayed on top of the content areas of the SeaMonkey extensions and themes overview pages and talk about Firefox instead of SeaMonkey as the application customized by those add-ons.

Those should be fixed to correctly feature SeaMonkey there.

If I know what to do, I can possibly help there. Are those blurbs in SVN or somewhere else? For what I see, it's a simple matter of replacing "Firefox" with "SeaMonkey" in those blurbs.
Duplicate of this bug: 374924
No, unfortunately the category descriptions are in the database. So /app/views/addons/browse_categories.thtml needs to be changed:

  <?=sprintf($type['Translation']['description']['string'], APP_PRETTYNAME)?>

And same in /app/views/addons/browse_types.thtml, sprintf needs to be added:

<p><?=sprintf($type['Translation']['description']['string'], APP_PRETTYNAME)?></p>

And after that the descriptions in the database needs to be changed for all languages, replace occurrences of "Firefox" by "%1$s".
This should do the trick:

UPDATE translations SET localized_string = REPLACE(localized_string, "Firefox", "%1$s") WHERE (SELECT FROM addontypes WHERE description =

Worked in my local MySQL 5.0 (I think AMO uses the same version).
Wladimir: Yes, this looks reasonable, thanks. We'll have this run on production.
Extensions are small add&#45;ons that add new functionality to &#37;1$s, from a simple toolbar button to a completely new feature. They allow you to customize &#37;1$s to fit your own needs and preferences, while letting us keep &#37;1$s itself light and lean.

HTML entities strike again.
I cry.
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