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build dbus on linux by default (--enable-dbus) to auto-detect online/offline state


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Bug 312793 introduced support for dbus online/offline events. Firefox and Thunderbird automatically toggle their state when they receive such an event.
This works fine on windows trunk, but on linux, you need to specify --enable-dbus in the mozconfig due to bug 377992.

Since the new linux reference platform has been introduced, we should build dbus by default and only disable it on the old tinderboxen specifically which don't meet its requirements.

This should be done by changing the --enable-dbus switch in
Another option would be to add --enable-dbus to the mozconfig of the linux tinderboxen:
As I said in bug 377992 comment 8, we want builds to match our official nightlies unless features are explicitly disabled.  This means that to do this right, the --enable-dbus switch should become a --disable-dbus switch, and the check for dbus should error if it is not found.

I'm not sure if all the trunk Linux tinderboxen have been updated though, or just Firefox.  preed, can you comment on this?
I know they have not... but we could turn this on for just Firefox right now.

That might be useful to get some testing, and then as we upgrade the other images, they'll know it'll "just work" (or... y'know... *should* "just work" ;-)
All of the tinderboxen have been migrated, including Thunderbird and Seamonkey, haven't they? So we could enable dbus now for every app, I guess.
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r=me with a slight change.  Change MOZ_ENABLE_DBUS=force to be MOZ_ENABLE_DBUS=1 and remove the whole if block around the AC_MSG_ERROR below, so that we always error out if MOZ_ENABLE_DBUS is set but the library doesn't exist.
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patch v2

We'll have to make sure that when this gets checked in, any tinderboxes that don't have the required version of dbus get --disable-dbus in their mozconfigs.
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Checking in;
/cvsroot/mozilla/,v  <--
new revision: 1.1890; previous revision: 1.1889

I'll fix any mozconfigs for tinderboxen that break for those that are in CVS.
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