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On Vista, every menulist should be a menubutton


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Windows Vista





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Vista applications use menulists instead of menubuttons in their preferences.
This is an example of menubutton use in Vista, from the application Windows Calendar.  I was unable to find a menulist in any preferences dialog of any application shipping with Vista.
Would fixing this require a new theme for Vista?
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OS: Mac OS X → Windows Vista
It looks like this has the exact same behavior as the current menulist: it's just styled differently. Is that correct? If so, we could probably manage this entirely with nsITheme-ing, though I wouldn't call it easy.

Should this be the case for *all* XUL menulists, or are there cases where we'd still want the old-style white menulist?
All non-editable drop-downs take on the button-like appearance on Vista. The drop-down list part is unaffected, so it should fairly straighforward use of if(Vista && !editable) in the native theme code for:

 - menulist: background is combobox/5.
 - menulist-button: arrow is combobox/6 (LTR) and combobox/7 (RTL).
Just to be a bit clearer; the combobox/6 and combobox/7 items are the buttons for editable drop-downs, use of either of those in state 1 (normal) or a system icon gives the drop-down arrow.
While we're fixing menulists, we should change the size of those menuitems to be smaller on all windows platforms to match the native size.

Alex, I still think we want a new theme for vista because in trying to fix the scrollbars, I could not find the part/state combination that I need, so we'd need to use an image for some states (scrollbars are the biggest distraction for me right now). Also, for most of the menu changes that I had to do, it would have been much easier/clearer to use CSS in a separate theme. The same might be true in this case, I'm not sure.
Rob, got a bug# for the scrollbars? I don't know of anything you can't do with them in Vista from the theme API, so I'm interested in your problem.
James, see the (recently filed) bug 391541. There are a few more polish bugs for vista that I'd like to see fixed.
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Litmus Triage Team: i will add the test case in Litmus.
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Marco, how comboboxes on vista exposed to AT, is there any difference?
Nominating for blocking to pick up wanted.
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This is fixed by the patch in bug 418552.
Depends on: 418552
Closed: 16 years ago
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