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Extend blocklist to support plugins


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mwu has added support for blocklisting plugins in bug 330511.
Flags: blocking-firefox3?
Bug 271559 actually adds the code that reads and uses plugins blocklisting information from blocklist.xml.
Depends on: 271559
Is there anything about plugins that extends past the scope of the current blocklist.xml schema?  See:
The plugin blocklisting update to the blocklist.xml schema are fairly simple. Here's an example:

      <!-- All match tags must match a plugin to blocklist a plugin -->
      <match name="name" exp="some plugin"/>
      <match name="description" exp="1[.]2[.]3"/>

The name attribute in the match tag can match any string attribute defined in . The exp attribute contains a regular expression which is used to match an attribute in the plugin tag. If all the match tags in a pluginitem match, the plugin is blocklisted.
Flags: blocking-firefox3? → blocking-firefox3+
hi, just wondering what the status and timeline for this feature.  is there plans to target beta 3?  
thats what i thought too.  when i verified that bug, at least the notification part was working.   If this is really fixed, can we get this bug properly commented and status changed?
* update blocklist schema wiki page (see comment #2)
* create new table for pluginitems (kind of like blitems, but blpluginitems instead)
* add logic in script to pull from plugin table
* add logic in script to iterate over results and display plugin list in the XML

ETA is Feb 7-ish.
Assignee: nobody → morgamic
Stephen/Tony -- plugins don't have GUIDs, so the name/regex matching in pluginItem entries is a fix for that.  Since they followed a different install method for a pretty long time before we centered on the method used for today's extensions, they are a special case and aren't covered by the existing schema.
mwu -- so just description, filename and name, right?
One more quesiton -- if I have a <pluginItem> entry is it possible to define an application range for it, or is blocklisting of a plugin application-agnostic?

For extensions it was possible to define this:
    <emItem id="item_4@domain">
          <versionRange minVersion="1.5" maxVersion="1.5.*"/>

I'm guessing it's app-agnostic since they are pure binaries, but want to confirm.
#9: yes, just those
#10: yes, app-agnostic

Wanted to make sure.  So we'll move forward with those assumptions.  I updated the wiki to reflect this:
Target Milestone: --- → 3.2
Will add tests tomorrow -- Fred can you take a look at the schema and basics?
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first stab at schema and blocklist.php patch

In general, the patch looks good.

But please use a MySQL index that spans the two columns we are querying here together, not each separately.

(Also, if you want to remove a typo, line 240 says "errer" for "error").
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K, fixed typo -- pretty sure that a multicolumn index won't make any difference, but will check...
Target Milestone: 3.2 → 3.4
Blocks: 424158
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Mike, ETA on getting this into production?
Just gotta write test so tomorrow looks peachy.
Tony - will work with you to stage it first as well.
thanks, i just need to know which plugin we plan to blocklist, version, and where to point my settings to.   I'll have time to test this after we ship beta 5
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Actually I need to know what we're blocklisting as far as plugins... so I can create a record for it?
To test, have to set SERVICE_URL and make sure you have TEST_DB_* setup correctly in your config (which you should already!!!) >:P
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v2, proper index, tests and test data, fixed typo

Passes the test suite, looks good. Good job.
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Checked in on trunk.  Tony, let's meet on Friday to test a random plugin -- I'll ping ya.
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We need to add support for version _ranges_ in the app (Firefox can't parse them as with blitems/blapps).  So reopening until version range checking is added.  For now we can test with a specific version, though.  Won't push until range support is added.
Keywords: push-needed
Resolution: FIXED → ---
ETA on this is Saturday.
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S/Saturday/Monday/ -- started the patch but wasn't able to finish this weekend.  Patch later this PM.
Patch on top of v2 which adds support for version ranges, tests included.
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v3, adding support for version ranges

WFM. New tests look good and pass as well.

Not something to r- it for, but maybe you want to avoid the relative path in the require_once since it relies on the CWD and make it relative to dirname(__FILE__) instead?
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Yeah, added dirname(__FILE__) thanks Fred.  Checked in on r12064.
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Keywords: push-needed
Keywords: push-needed
Verified FIXED; I tested this today using Tony's Litmus testcases, and they all passed (Java, QuickTime, etc.), with rc1.
Product: → Graveyard
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