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disabled html selects have blue background on vista


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Windows Vista
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disabled html selects have blue background on vista

let me attach a screen shot comparing ie7 on vista to fx3 on vista.
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This is somewhat related to bug 390737 and bug 391542. We do not have native theming for this control in either chrome or html in vista.
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Doesn't block, but ick.
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I am pretty sure we are getting that color from the system, but the larger and more encompassing problem is that many of the widgets we are using are not commonly used on Vista, but are around for legacy applications.  For instance text fields look different (bug 418537)

For drop down controls there are actually two different native styles, in addition to the legacy appearance we are using:

Bug 390737 – On Vista, every menulist should be a menubutton (thunderbird example)
Bug 418552 – Use native styling for drop down controls on Vista in the content area (bugzilla screen shot)

So, like the color of the toolbar, this is both technically native and visually foreign on Vista.  Marking as invalid is this should be fixed by addressing the larger issues.
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Minusing this Litmus test case due to the fact that this bug has been resolved invalid.
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