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Developer documentation for the AMO API


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The API will need some documentation, showing:
1.  API calls including params, param types, format of returned data (DTD?)
2.  Tutorial style docs.

The docs should be available on AMO.  They should be localizable and hence fit into the overall AMO framework.
Oh yes, /me votes for a DTD. People may want to do validation on their site.
At some point, we'll also want to link to it from our MDC area
I forgot to add here that draft version is available at

In the process of adding example return data and DTDs as per suggestions from Basil and others.
Other application developers are asking for more documentation on the API so they can develop their own services, can we increase the priority at all here?
I'm going to create a dependency on bug 436307 (Create the Terms of Service (TOS) for AMO and the AMO API). We need some guidelines about how developers can use this part of AMO. The TOS outlines that and is currently being worked on by legal.
I understand the ToS is being worked on at the moment (although bug 436307 is restricted to Legal).  Deferring again until that is done.
Target Milestone: 3.3 → 5.0.2
ToS will go into this release, so no need to defer any longer.  We'll just need a link to the developer agreement in the doc, which I will provide once it's implemented.
Deferring to 5.0.3, still waiting on legal for a revised TOS.
Target Milestone: 5.0.2 → 5.0.3
Deferring again- talked to legal and this clearly isn't ready.  Going to put in a design bug for 5.0.4 to design the new flow and then target 5.0.5 for implementation.
Target Milestone: 5.0.3 → 5.0.5
Priority: -- → P3
Target Milestone: 5.0.5 → 5.0.7
Depends on: 483897
Blocks: 451820
Blocks: 490952
Laura, developer agreement is now up- is this feasible for 5.0.7
Yep, should be good.
You said you'd have this done today so don't let me stop you ;), but I'd like to land it in 5.0.8 so QA can focus on the P1's for this release.  If you need a couple extra days, no worries, but let's land early in 5.0.8.
Target Milestone: 5.0.7 → 5.0.8
I heard 5.0.7 was pushed out to Tuesday so I didn't stay up late to finish it :) I'm clear to work on it now anyway so shouldn't be long.
I'm just about done...I was thinking of adding DTDs, are these wanted?

Also, where should the results go?  I know we talked about devmo at one point?
DevMO is fine and we can link off Developer FAQ.
Target Milestone: 5.0.8 → 5.0.9
Draft (complete I hope) at

I'll move it up a level once you guys have had a chance to review.
I think it looks great.  The search stuff will be outdated soon, but no worries.  The bandwagon stuff is awesome.
Oh, I added a link to the dev agreement too.
(In reply to comment #18)
> I think it looks great.  The search stuff will be outdated soon, but no
> worries.  The bandwagon stuff is awesome.

Credit Les for that, I wrote the generic part and just reformatted the (excellent) Bandwagon stuff he wrote for devmo.
OK, I'll call this done - I haven't quite worked out how to move it though - Wil do you know?
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Where do you want it? I can move it.
Thanks Sheppy!  It should go up a level, ie not be under User:laurathomson.  The two leaf pages need to go as well.
I've moved it, and am doing a little tidy-up pass on it.

I just noticed in the description of the Search command that it says that "If no searchtype is entered extensions and themes will be returned" but down where it describes searchtype, it says that the default is "all". Which is correct?
Aha, good catch.

If you do not specify the behavior is the same as if you specify 'all' - which is to return only extensions and themes, counterintuitive as that may be.
I've also added a link to this guide to the menu page here:
OK, added an aside about the all thing. Going to be doing some more formatting tweaks to this over the rest of the afternoon, I think.
I just finished a formatting cleanup and a few other little tweaks here (including clickable links to try out API requests):

Going over the bandwagon doc next.
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