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TB xpcom null arg test suite


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Inspired by bug 411646, this is a test-suite for a global check to make sure all of tb's xpcom components and functions handle null arguments gracefully (ie. don't crash).

Bugs blocking this one are those which this test uncovered, since we can't enable it until they're fixed.  The test does have a known-failures option if a few turn out to be especially pesky.

Meant to be run from xpcshell.  I'll hook it into the normal |make check| routine as we get closer to enabling it.
Depends on: 412113
I should add that while we may catch a few live crashers in these tests, the vast majority of this is simply making it harder for extension authors to shoot themselves in the foot.
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This is the same test-suite, but with all the known failures not fixed by the blocking bugs.  There's still a shutdown crash that I haven't figured out yet though, if someone wants to poke at that.
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Depends on: 611233
I was ping'ed in bug 413548,
I looked at this bug and related ones.

Joey's patches are nearly 3-year old and spread in multiple bugs, which confuses me a little, (I'll refer to them yet),
then I prefer to probably do more but one file at a time, as in bug 611233.
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Serge, when the blocking bugs will get closed, are you able to use the attached testsuite and check if everything got fixed? If yes, then you could take this bug.
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