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Today Pane: Agenda shows only current and upcoming events in Today section, past events are not shown


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Could it be possible that events in today range would not disappear when they end but they all are present just the event which is running at the moment would be highlighted?!!!? That is really annoying when I am at work at 9 and just by that time one event just ends and disappear from the today view!!

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Summary: Past events disappear form today pane → Past events disappear from today pane
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Flags: wanted-calendar0.8+
Is it a bug or by desire? Should it be marked as WONTFIX or confirmed?
It's probably by design. Berend, can you perhaps elaborate?
This is by design... But I support the question.
Ever confirmed: true
I'm almost always confused when this happens. We could probably just visually indicate that events have already passed, for example gray them out. Another suggestion would be to highlight the current event (add a border or some different background color, etc.).
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Nothing ???
Christian, can you please comment with your opinion on this issue?
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I really like that completed meetings disappear from the agenda in the Today Pane.  This lets me see more upcoming meetings with less need to scroll.  Also, the next meeting is always at the top of the list so it's easy to find without needing to look at old meetings and no need for distracting highlight colors in the today pane.

I don't need to see meetings that happened earlier today because I have a good memory and I know which meetings I already went to today.  If I arrive late for work or if I forget, I can simply switch to the main calendar view.

If you change this behavior, please consider giving us a choice.  Also, IIRC, Outlook 2007 removes meetings from its sidebar as soon as the meetings end.
p.s. Maybe we could control this in our userchrome.css using [relation="past"] or something.  Just a thought.
Pete ... one personal example ... I use calendar at work. And the work is so much flexible in the sense that I do not have fixed working hours ... 

Very annoying and sometimes dangerous (for the job) situations are when I am late, let say, 5 minutes and my events are already lost from as you said agenda.And still have a chance to fill the day but each time I have to switch to calendar or calendar tab in order to be sure ...  

As Michael Büttner said ... it would be nice to see some indicator for past events and highlighting for present ones. This should not be very difficult ... I hope.
Bryan, what is your opinion about this?
Assignee: chris.j.bugzilla → clarkbw
Summary: Past events disappear from today pane → Today Pane: Agenda shows only current and upcoming events in Today section, past events are not shown
I support it, was searching for something like that in Thunderbird support forum.

Have same problem as thread starter + I offten type to do notes as events in my nokia phone, which I sync with TB Lightning. Since default time for evens on my phone is 8am, all to do notes are for that time and as an result after 8am I dont see any to do notes in today pane.

Would be great if we could check some box and allow today pane to show passed events in todays pane.
You can mark it in different color, grey it out, as someone said before.
Duplicate of this bug: 586950
Assignee: clarkbw → nobody
Duplicate of this bug: 701770
I thought this was a bug, too. If the logic in the today pane is "don't show past events", why does that apply only to current date? When I click on yesterday, all events (obviously past events) show.

It would be really, really nice at least having the option to show all events.

I would also suggest that the list of events is run thru the same logic, no matter what day is selected. In other words, when clicking on any date, the first expandable item (named 'date xxx' instead of 'today') is that day's events, the next for the day after and the last for the extension of the soon-period.

Yes, I'm replying to a thread that is 7 years old. Has the feature discussed here to offer the user to see past events within the "Today Pane" ever been offered? I like being able to scroll through the "Today Pane" and would like to see events that are past or "in progress" in the panel. The option that would be desired is: "Allow user to see completed events in the Today Pane". These past events could be presented in a different colour (greyed out or crossed out, for example). Of course, if you don't want to see past events in the today pane, you could simply keep that option unselected.

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