Address book collection needs to be able to exclude domains



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19 years ago
This is the left over work from 37972 and 37976.

Address book collection prefs UI need:

Descriptive text and editable list box for domains to be excluded from
address collection. This has a related delete (from list) pushbutton.

Backend needs to be able to handle:
List of domains to exclude from the address collection process

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19 years ago
moving to future milestone.
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18 years ago
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Assign it to myself..
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yeap - you're right!  :o)

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Marking as an enhancement
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16 years ago
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16 years ago
This seems to only be useful when collecting from incoming mail.  Since we're
turning that off by default, I'd put this in the wontfix category.

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16 years ago
I dont understand why turning off the collection of addresses from incoming mail
should mean that this feature should not be implemented.  I would personally
turn address collection back on.  Its very very handy.  So this new feature
would be useful to me and anyone else who turned it back on.

Also, here is an additional aspect to filtering out certain addresses from the
collection process that I originally subitted in bug #165248.

If the email address to be collected is already in one of my address books, I
dont want to see it in the collected addresses, even if the display name is
different. Already have it.  Dont need it again.

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16 years ago
We didn't turn off outgoing address collection, only incoming.  Given the
exponential increase in spam, collection of incoming addresses is a
fundamentally flawed approach.  With spam detection, it'll be possible to do
this better, but the collection should happen at the point the message is
determined not to be spam, rather than arrival in the mailbox.  In any case,
neither outgoing nor non-spam collection seem to need a domain screen since
you're taking an overt action that confirms you communicate with that person.

Your other point about duplicate names is a different bug than this and is also
more general than just collecting addresses.  Whenever an address will be
duplicated for any reason, some more sensible thing should take place.  I don't
know if there's already a bug on this...

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16 years ago
Thanks, I see where this is coming from now.

But you should understand that not everyone is plagued by spam.  Some people
have corporate-wide, or ISP-wide, or their own spam filtering that does a very
very good job.  In that case, an occasional look thru of collected addresses to
delete the very small amount of spam that gets thru is no burden, and for me,
the collection process gives me subsequent auto-completion of names for outgoing
email that is valuable.  Problem is that there are still domains from which I
want to see email and dont want to filter out as spam.  (autogenerated
notifications of cvs checkins from the cvs machine as well as some mailing lists
I am on that use a unique Sender name for each email. )  But I dont want them in
my collected email addresses. I hope collection  of incoming addresses does not
become unsupported, and I will always be able to turn it back on.

On the same topic, I say that it would be handy to have incoming vs outgoing
collected addresses added to different address books, as I am certainly more
likely to want to move the the collected outgoing ones to my main address book.
 That would be useful for those of us wanting to collect outgoing addresses
also, but perhaps a different bug.

I would be happy to submit a new bug for the other request I made.

Comment 17

16 years ago
I wasn't even thinking of spam either, I couldn't work out why you would want to
turn off incoming at all! :) Can now of course.

My corp network gets basically zip spam, and after thinking about where my
desires really lie, I want to be able to exclude domains from collection in
outgoing mails.  I can't really think of any example for this other than mine....

I can send email to and it will send them a page, or to and it will just send them an email.  Problem is, for whatever
reason, (presumably because e is before w, or maybe just the most recent use of
the address) If I type in user in the TO: field, see it expand to the users
name, and then compose a message and send, I've once or twice missed seeing that
it had actually expanded the epage address, not the normal work address. :)

Someone got a bit upset at me paging them at 3 in the morning once :)

But anyway, that's such a small case, and so obscure that I'm certainly not
going to be jumping up and down demanding this be fixed.  That doesn't mean I
think it should be wontfixed though.  It's not like other wontfixes that would
change things irrevocably, or break netiquette or similar, it's an very minor
enhancement, with almost zero chance of getting fixed, but still, should someone
find it, they won't discard it immediately, someone with enough interest may
(yeah, and pigs might fly) decide that it is very important to them and fix it.


Of course, if they find it as wontfix, they can still do all that, so I guess it
just depends how moz tracks bugs.

Karl P

Comment 18

16 years ago
If there isn't already a bug about allowing choice of address books for address
collection, that would be a good one to file.  I would just make both kinds able
to go to any AB with a dropdown selector and then set appropriate defaults.

The other concern is very overlapped with the problem of autocomplete sorting. 
I think there is already at least one bug on that topic :-)  What we do today
doesn't seem entirely sane to me.

Enh, Future is an OK state to leave this in given where you're coming from. 
Thanks for responding!

Comment 19

16 years ago
Hello -- it's my opinion that solution is not the simple turn "off" of inbound
collection, but what I describe in bug #104863#c6.  -GA

Comment 20

16 years ago
this is #c2 in bug #104863


16 years ago
Blocks: 104863
mass re-assign.
Assignee: racham → sspitzer

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15 years ago
I see the point to turning off collection of all incoming addresses. There would
be a few cases where this would still be useful though. Rather than eliminating
the CAB functionality altogether, perhaps it could only collect addresses in
messages coming from people who are already in your address book. I am
constantly manually harvesting email addresses from the CC list of messages from
friends. Maybe this would be a good second life for the CAB rather than
depreciating its use.
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13 years ago
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