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Can't Build mailnews with libxul or XULRunner


(MailNews Core :: Backend, defect)

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This is a tracking bug for getting mailnews to work with XULRunner on the 1.9 branch.
Blocks: 432161
Before you even start doing this, you want to complete bug 377319 and its dependencies to enable *libxul* to be used. Even if you fix bug 370306 for the autocomplete stuff, you won't get much further without fixing bug 377319. Then you can consider what to do with the xulrunner specific build dependencies.
No longer blocks: 432161
Depends on: 370306, 377319
Keywords: meta
Isn't this the same as bug 306324?
I would agree with Magnus. Would like other thoughts though.

Bug 370306 should be added to bug 306324's dependencies then.
(In reply to comment #2)
> Isn't this the same as bug 306324?
Not quite. This bug is about building mailnews/ alongside xulrunner. In other words, SeaMonkey OR Thunderbird can use it. Bug 306324 is specifically for Thunderbird changes, i.e. those in mail/

> Bug 370306 should be added to bug 306324's dependencies then.

Yes and no. Yes because it does block Thunderbird becoming an xulrunner app, but no, because its already mentioned here (and in fact, this bug should block 306324). Unfortunately all the dependencies are really a bit screwed due to different people filing different bugs at different times.
Blocks: 306324
Product: Core → MailNews Core
Blocks: 397277
Blocks: 451923
No longer blocks: 397277
Hardware: PC → All
Blocks: 394502
No longer blocks: 451923
Depends on: 452232
Summary: Can't Build mailnews with XULRunner 1.9 → Can't Build mailnews with libxul or XULRunner
Depends on: 582943
No longer depends on: 582943
Depends on: 591078
Alias: mailnews-libxul
Depends on: 590494
Depends on: 591098
Depends on: 582195
No longer blocks: 394502
Depends on: 598646
Depends on: 536139
Depends on: 435881
Depends on: 419592
Depends on: 395701
Looking at the outstanding dependencies:
bug 395701 seems to be mostly fixed (at least on Linux)
bug 419592 has been worked around, so not essential
bug 435881 seems (to me) to be fixed
bug 452232 is still outstanding
bug 591098 may have been fixed by bug 657394
bug 598646 doesn't block xulrunner builds
Depends on: 705573
Is there any chance to finish this before 'dropping' Thunderbird?
xulrunner died in 2015
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) from comment #7)
> xulrunner died in 2015

Yes. The real bug should now be getting Firefox to use Thunderbird's libxul as this will give 20k old addons a chance to work again.
xulrunner died in 2015? pity. was about to modify instantbird. seems futile, if XR is dead.
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