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get rid of unneeded build system parts in comm-central


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The initial import of the comm-central build system done in bug 444686 contains a number of things that mozilla-central needs but comm-central doesn't, esp. wrt and, probably also
We should clean that up so comm-central only has the parts it needs.
Depends on: 450964
Product: SeaMonkey → MailNews Core
QA Contact: build-config → build-config
This is a first step patch, removing PyXPCOM and JavaXPCOM stuff left over in comm-central, as well as some necko, mathml, extensions, img-en/decoder and canvas references I forgot to kill when removing those parts already in bug 444686.
There's more to be done, but I more or less fell over those parts when working on the second part of bug 455942 :)
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I'll review this later, but one thought: If we are removing options from our (because we don't need them) but they are still able to be passed to/used in core, would it be an idea to add some text to configure --help pointing to the additional possibilities in the mozilla/configure help file?
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step 1: py- and javaXPCOM

Pushed as

And Mark, I'm fully with your idea of adding a pointer to mozilla/configure options to configure help, this would be a great addition!
Last changed oct 2008, lets resolve this and use individual bugs for followups.
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