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I worked through recent changes to the mozilla-central build system and it looks like the following affect us and should be ported to comm-central:

Bug 440714 use -xldscope for Sun Studio on Solaris
bug 447642 - get rid of --disable-mochitest, replace MOZ_MOCHITEST with ENABLE_TESTS.
Bug 454391 - Building of Qt port for N810 is failed.
Bug 454786 - Configuration Changes to allow WinCE resource and assembly compiling
Bug 454192 - firefox-bin doesn't use jemalloc on linux/solaris
The actual patch looks quite small for that list of bugs :)

We didn't have a jemalloc define in Makefiles for our apps at all yet but I suspect we actually want it.
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More to come in a second patch: (seems to lack a bug number)
Remove the v1 string ABI compatibility hacks. Replace references of nsTAString_CharT with nsTSubstring_CharT which is the new base class

bug 439050, change the build hooks from over to
this second patch adds the mentioned additional ports.
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patch for all those ports

I've not tested these, but they look fine. You missed mentioning bug 432917 in your list!

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step 2: bug 439050, kill string v1 ABI

Again, not tested but looks fine. r=me.

Thanks for doing these.
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Pushed as and - more is to come in yet another bug, I'm currently at another 13 diffs to look into if/how they affect us...
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