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add a build target to compare bin/ and the package list


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To be able to check if our package lists are OK, it would be nice to have a build target that outputs a diff of the dist/bin directory and the files in the package list. This gives us a fast check what we aren't packaging and what we have in the package list that isn't built any more. Our builder boxes could even execute that so we can look into their logs and see that package diff easily.
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This adds a "package-compare" target callable from the objdir toplevel. I tested this on Linux, I hope it works on Windows (testing wanted!) - Mac should not produce any output as we have no package manifest there currently.
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add package-compare target

>diff --git a/suite/installer/ b/suite/installer/
>+	cd $(DIST); find -L bin -type f | sort > bin-list.txt

Note to self: We need a var for the find options that varies per-platform, as -L (dereference symlinks) doesn't work on Windows.
Here's a new version, updated for what testing on Windows revealed (thanks mcsmurf!).
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