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Update internal timezone database to version 2008i


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Sunbird 0.9
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Sunbird 0.9 ships with timezone database version 2008d.

The latest released timezone database is version 2008f.

The internal database should be updated to reflect the changes.
IMO a good chance to push out the first calendar-timezones.xpi to AMO :)
For Sunbird this might work.

What about Lightning? As I understand this needs to wait until 1.0 or there needs to be e.g. a 0.9.1 release (0.9 + timezone updates).
Users can install calendar-timezones.xpi in Thunderbird and lightning should stick to it. This is not an auto-magic update like we (hopefully, nobody tested yet) get in Sunbird, but it ought to be possible to update timezones without a new release.
Depends on: 435474
Version 2008g is available:
Summary: Update internal timezone database to version 2008f → Update internal timezone database to version 2008g
Flags: blocking-calendar1.0+
Blocks: 459184
Blocks: 461201
Summary: Update internal timezone database to version 2008g → Update internal timezone database to version 2008i
Attached patch update to tzdata2008i (obsolete) — Splinter Review
BTW: I needed to patch vzic-1.3 (vzic-parse.c) to allow years > 2037.

Update log:

Changes needed for /Volumes/data/moz_cc/src/calendar/locales/../timezones/../../calendar/locales/en-US/chrome/calendar/
add    pref.timezone.America.Argentina.Salta=America/Argentina/Salta

timezone has been updated: America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
timezone has been updated: America/Argentina/Catamarca
timezone has been updated: America/Argentina/Cordoba
timezone has been updated: America/Argentina/Jujuy
timezone has been updated: America/Argentina/La_Rioja
timezone has been updated: America/Argentina/Mendoza
timezone has been updated: America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos
timezone has been updated: America/Argentina/San_Juan
timezone has been updated: America/Argentina/Tucuman
timezone has been updated: America/Argentina/Ushuaia
timezone has been updated: America/Campo_Grande
timezone has been updated: America/Cuiaba
timezone has been updated: America/Sao_Paulo
timezone has been updated: Asia/Damascus
timezone has been updated: Asia/Gaza
timezone has been updated: Indian/Mauritius
timezone has been updated: Pacific/Niue
timezone: Pacific/Wallis    [t]ake over as is or use [a]lias? t

Changes needed for /Volumes/data/moz_cc/src/calendar/locales/../timezones/../../calendar/locales/en-US/chrome/calendar/

Assignee: nobody → daniel.boelzle
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update to tzdata2008i

I can't review that patch. |hg import| throws an exception and |patch| doesn't consider the binary changes when using a clean source tree.
Maybe you are using a different hg version? I use 1.0.2.

$ wget -O tz-patch ""
$ hg import --force --no-commit tz-patch

works for me on a fresh tree.
fixed version
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Attachment #345265 - Flags: review?(ssitter)
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update to tzdata2008i

Works fine, but more testing after checkin would be great; r=mschroeder
Pushed to comm-central <>

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Target Milestone: --- → 1.0
No longer blocks: 459184
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Target Milestone: 1.0 → 1.0b1
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