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I'm opening this bug to track migrating the Javascript documentation hosted on in the js/ directory.  The main page redirects to MDC, but there's a lot of content in the directory that probably already exists on MDC or should be moved there.  For instance, I assume the following SpiderMonkey page should be redirected to the SpiderMonkey page on MDC:

Copying Javascript module owner and peers for input.
For reference, all of the content in the js directory can be browsed at:
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> to

Done in r88524.

For next steps, I recommend archiving the rest of the js directory and then migrating pages over to MDN or elsewhere as needed.  

This would mean that any page currently in would automatically get redirected to the version on the archive site.  So:

would take people to

If there are no objections soon, I'll go ahead and do that.  We need to get legacy pages off of because of the upcoming merge.
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I took one more look at the content in the directory and it seems like most relevant content has redirects to MDN already in place and the remaining content is historical and can be archived.  For instance, see this LiveConnect page last updated in 2000 (not counting formatting changes).

Unless there are objections, I'm going to archive the remaining content this week.  Keep in mind that after content is archived it is still easily migrated if needed.
No objections here.
I archived the remaining /js content and moved all redirects into the main .htaccess file in r91288.

If anyone notices any issues with redirects or with any pages that need to be migrated from the archive site, feel free to reopen.
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