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Implement start up performance tests for Thunderbird


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As discussed elsewhere, we could now do with some start up performance tests for Thunderbird.

I've got the beginnings of a test harness (I expect it can be re-used for SeaMonkey as well if they want to), although the code needs tidying up quite a bit still.

We still need to define profile and any other parameters (and possibly hook up to httpd server for the start page) and we may need to tweak where the harness hooks in.

At the moment the harness will trigger on the first load of the message preview pane. This seems to be once TB has actually started displaying and is virtually ready to go. We may need to re-assess this with a profile defined.

Attaching my current patch.
Attached file Pre-packaged extension
This is the pre-packaged extension based on the WIP patch that works with current trunk.
Attached file Python start script
The python start script that I've used to generate the -measurestartup parameter. This makes it easier to test manually.

The script takes one argument: the name of the executable (e.g. thunderbird-bin or thunderbird.exe etc). You have to be in the same directory as the executable to run it.
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will this also measure memory pressure?  
if so, xref bug 385804
I'm not currently working on this, I'll add an archive of my talos work in a minute.
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